Customers now tends to move from normal purchasing (go to the shop and select products) to responsive e-Commerce ones. With the basic offline selling products, retailers can’t compete with their rival and get scalability and international reach. As a compulsion, they have to change to ecommerce with modern designs and the powerful features. Customer will be provided a consistent shopping experience that works across desktop, tablet and mobile devices. Moreover, the main advantage is convenience. People don’t have to spend time travelling but can get their order in one click. So how to create an eCommerce website to satisfy this huge demand?

Option1: Asking web developer to build your own website

Web developers are professional in designing and giving advices for your website. They can design and develop responsive, high performance e-Commerce websites which including B2B and B2C that enable business to transact and grow their online businesses. Normally, web developer will category your business line and select the most suitable website interface for you. The most basic responsive ecommerce website may include Shopping cart development, Product catalogue management, Product marketing, Content management, Online payment options, Delivery options and Customer support.

Hiring a web developer is like you outsourcing for your company. It will, of course, cost more money however, if you just have little knowledge about website and ecommerce, asking for web developer is a safe play for you.

Option 2: If you have website knowledge, you can buy solution on Market Place

Another choice for you is buying on market places. In these kinds of markets, you can find all devices you want. You can image market as a bridge that helps you to shorten the way to develop your website into responsive ecommerce website, without going through the web developer. With market place, you will be provided a wider range of product as Magento( Magento shopping cart ,Magento shipping ,Magento order manager ,Magento social media extension…), Joomla (Joomla responsive templates , Joomla 3.x templates ) and Virture mart (Virtuemart responsive templates, Virtuemart shopping cart, Virtuemart search,…) Unlike asking web developer, the designer will choose it for you and feel free to select your own.

A huge advantage of develop through market place is the cost. With the same result as asking web developer, you will get the same result with lower price.

An example of market place is CMSmart website. In CMSmart, all the products of responsive Ecommerce (Magento, Joomla…) are offered with suitable price and clear description. If customers decide to buy a product, CMSmart’s technical team will help them to install and answer all related questions. According to 100% of users, CMSmart has an excellent customer’s service.

Option 3: Using free website

Using service.

WordPress service will help you to create a free website under name.

The main advantage of using these free service is cost-down, however, if you are looking for a long term solution this is not a good trade because your website has to base on other service, which can close anytime. The risk you have to bear is bigger than other solution.

The only advice for you is that: if you have had basic knowledge about responsive website ,want to choose your own theme, extension, template and save price and looking for a stable solution buying product on market place is a good choice.