From the data collected and analyzed as well as the obvious movement you can observe in practice, it is undeniable that the international print industry continues developed brightly with price it requires is declining. Some business owners complain that online printing and relevant factors are ruining the prices in their industry. Major online print providers are the objects they blame for. However, the reality is not so pessimistic; it had better find and analyze the cause rather than just blaming for them. We believe that there are some misunderstandings about antitrust perspective. Firstly, a question comes that is why customers decide to switch from conventional printing to online one. There are six main aspects online printing predominates:

Convenience: customers can place their orders any time they want in actually simple way

Inexpensive price: they offer very competitive (aggressive) pricing, even with far cheaper price in comparison to the conventional methods

Versatility: there are hundreds of offerings for choosing

Regardless of where you are, what time it is and what communication channel you use, providers still can serve

Instant pricing: online stores will provide a price quote almost immediately.

Delivering promptly: a 24- or 48-hour service is the norm for most online providers.

Despite of the factors mentioned above about all power online printing companies, there are still some strategies can take conventional print companies out of this dilemma situation and survive in this age. Here are several feasible strategies suggested:

1. Finding your own market, your own place to develop. With online printing, everything is not possible, or in other words, they still need to rely on standard products. In the near future, online printing will be able to improve this issue quickly but until now, they still need to cooperate with companies that can manufacture niche products with high quality and short time. Several niches based on type of fold, print method or type of product can be established.

2. Different methods but it does not mean that conventional and online printing companies cannot be partners. Print providers that can action products particularly well or particularly inexpensively will be the potential partners for major online print providers.

3. Cooperating with companies. That is a good idea because physical proximity will play an important role in enhancing your delivery lead times or even greatly reduce them.

4. Up your transparency! Your rivals cannot know all about you including product pricing information or the settings for your latest binder, we sure. Self-confidence is so crucial, you don’t need to follow the crowd, let’s go in your own ways as long as they are suitable for your system and make your business successful.

5. Increasing reaction speed! Using fax seems not to be the fastest way in our today society. Your company should shorten the time between enquiry and quotation, do not just dealing with the requests in office hours, anytime customers need, you should be ready.

6. Switch off! Let’s throw all out of date software away, it’s better to accept data via Dropbox or Box, to show customers that you really are in the saddle.

7. Upgrade! It does not mean that you have to buy another piece of machinery but using a smart MIS and fast Internet is a great idea, the process of controlling your pricing and data transfer will become really simple.

8. Not be afraid of change! New experiences will bring you new knowledge and an insight about online-community concepts.

9. Get younger people on board! The young seem to be sensitive to any changes and trend in the world. They will bring several interesting ideas to your systems and change the process of decision making.

10. Embracing digital transformation! Take heart and consider how you can improve communication within your business and how you should approach the issue of digital transformation.