Magento Daily Deal Extension

Magento Daily Deal Extension developed by Cmsmart allows connecting customers with new products through daily transactions. Administrators can create deals for any product in their store and allow this extension to turn on or off easily in the backend. It is a great solution to attract new customers, then convert them into potential customers. Thanks to this extension, you can effectively drive customers to buy products in your store as well as increase sales as quickly as possible. Keep track of how to use the Magento Daily Deal Extension in this article!

Why do you need Magento Daily Deal Extension:

Daily deals with countdowns: Daily transactions with a countdown timer enabled for customers to know when the transaction ends. This motivates buyers to quickly purchase so as not to miss the opportunity to get a good bargain. The countdown timer can easily be configured on the backend. Administrators are free to choose the color for the exterior and interior of the timer. The color of the text displayed on the countdown timer can also be changed easily.

Easy to configure: After selecting an item, relevant product information including the original price and available quantity will be displayed to notify the administrator of the current status of the product. Administrators can set discount prices and quantify agreements easily on the backend. Time limits set for daily transactions can also be selected. A daily transaction can be configured for each product on the backend with a few simple clicks.

Review all your deals in three tabs: Customers can review all of your deals in three tabs: Current Deals (Today deals), Past Deals, All Deals, and Upcoming Deals in the deal listing page. Three promotion blocks "Todayā€™s Deals", "Coming Deal" and "Past Deals" are shown flexible so that customers can easily keep track of your deals,Ā Admin can customize it in Back-end.

How Magento Daily Deal Extension works for shop owner:

If shop owner has a little knowledge about technology, just follow 4 steps below to see how it works easily

  • Step 1:Ā Install this extension.
  • Step 2:Ā Enable Compare Products for Magento Extension. Go to System -> Configuration -> CMSMART EXTENSION -> Daily Deal.
  • Step 3:Ā Go to "Daily Deal" menu -> Add Deal. Then select a product from the grid. Next, add a new deal.
  • Step 4:Ā Go to "Daily Deal" menu -> Add Deal Group to add a new deal Group.

Watch the instruction video for using Magento Daily Deal Extension:

How to use Magento Daily Deal Extension?

Daily transactions play an important role in attracting customers and converting new buyers into repeat customers. In addition, limited deals provided over a certain period of time will stimulate buyers' desire for products and prompt them to make a quick purchase. What are you waiting for, use the Magento Daily Deal Extension now? Here, we give you a DEMO so you can better understand our products.

If you have any problems during the installation process, don't hesitate to contact ourĀ support team, we will have resolved it immediately. Don't forget using coupon codeĀ MAR_DLĀ to getĀ 18% DiscountĀ for this item. We would be pleased to receive your feedback on this article. Please leave your comments or contact me at the information below.

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