Magento Layered Navigation Extension

Magento Layered Navigation Extension provides a stress-free, intuitive user experience of operating category filters. It is designed to save customers' time and increase the accuracy of the system's response to their search queries. This extension is particularly suitable for stores that have multiple products or modified products with several attributes. Magento Layered Navigation Extension is a great option for store owners looking to make their store stand out. It is very easy to install for even those with little technical knowledge. How does it work in the front-end, please follow our article below.

Benefits of Magento Layered Navigation Extension:

  • Save time searching for products: Magento Layered Navigation Extension released by Cmsmart brings great benefits in significantly improving the user experience. This extension will allow your customers to specify all product parameters at once without having to select each attribute to find the right product. The navigation process will be pleasant and save time for customers.
  • Increase customer experience with Ajax technology: Using the Load search results by Ajax tool, online stores can reduce page load time and save customers' time, thus avoiding inconvenience and discomfort for users. Instead, the server loads only the properties specified by the client and does not take any action for the other properties. As a result, the site becomes much more user friendly and increases the visitor's shopping experience.
  • Navigate Ajax quickly and gently: Magento Layered Navigation Extension allows you to automatically download and display a filtered property at a glance after the filter is implemented, while the rest of the page remains unchanged. The tedious wait to load the entire page has been eliminated thanks to this great Ajax technology. Some key product features such as product names, product images, or descriptions are fixed to facilitate the loading of other attribute options such as color and size. Therefore, the shopping time and payment process become quickly effective.

How to use the Magento Layered Navigation Extension in the front-end:

Using the Magento Layered Navigation extension for customers is easier than ever. See the steps below to understand how it works:

  • Step 1: Search products by attributes
  • Step 2: Choose the product that suits your needs
  • Step 3: Add products to the cart

Magento Layered Navigation Extension User Guide:

How to use Magento Layered Navigation Extension in front-end?

Build the ultimate customer shopping experience and boost your store SEO rankings with the Magento Layered Navigation Extension. Display a variety of filters and handy utilities to help visitors find the products they need right away. Experience our DEMO now!

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