If want to apply to become a Chartered Member or Chartered Professional Engineer, you are required to meet an internationally-benchmarked educational standard. If you don't have a formal engineering qualification that benchmarks to a Washington Accord accredited degree, you need to demonstrate that you have gained an equivalent level of knowledge. To show that you have acquired an equivalent level of knowledge, you have to complete a KA02 Assessment Engineering New Zealand. However, it is not an easy task for candidates to demonstrate their equivalent knowledge efficiently in their KA02 report; the complexities of the KA02 report force them to avail of KA02 report writing services. 

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How Do You Need To Describe Your Knowledge Proficiently In Your KA02 Report? 

The assessor, Engineering New Zealand Assessment the report of engineering candidates to find the required knowledge in the applicable field. You need to follow the below steps to draft your KA02 report perfectly:

  • You need to provide an equivalent level of knowledge in eight areas, which are called elements. You must define each element along with the performance indicators. 
  • You need to describe three or four engineering projects that you have worked on, which display your ability to apply engineering knowledge to solve complex engineering problems. 
  • You must mention the activities where you have had to apply a high level of engineering knowledge, for instance; some analysis you have done, work you have done in scoping a problem and then developing a solution. 
  • You should include actual samples of your work that you have personally undertaken. 
  • You must write your report using the first-person singular pronoun and active voice form. 

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