In the previous part, we have just introduced the three first key success factors of T-shirt solution and we will list out the rest in this article:

4. Usually Updated and Upgraded
There are three Options for you when you want to install the Tee-Pro WooCommerce theme for you including: Tee-Pro Advance, Tee-Pro Premium and Tee-Pro Enterprise packages at difference at price, update fees and additional features. The package you choose depends much on What you need and Who you are. Above all, just a small investment amount of monthly fees brings you enough updates as well as upgrades from the Developer Team. Any changes or any bugs or trouble you meet on running WordPress T-shirt web-site will be resolved when you enjoy Tee-Pro package. With many T-shirt printing solutions, you just only receive upgrades or updates at a higher price and the package offers basic features. This is totally different from Tee-pro Web-to-Print package of NetBase, our experts promise to bring a better and perfect solution for your t-shirt printing business.

5.Online Design Tool – T-shirt design software
As customer’s need, web-store owner always wants to complete their t-shirt printing by giving them ability to enjoy and create their own design of T-shirt product. When customers can express their idea and hope of products, they will be willing to do online purchase on your web-store. Adding Online Design tool – T-shirt design software, you are increasing your purchase and revenue. Online design tool is a new powerful design tool which is created to help customers customize multiple printing products, bringing a complete solution for printing business. This responsive plug-in is packed with exclusive functionality and provides customers great experience while generating high-quality outcome for yourself.

6. Multi vendor feature if possible
Multi-vendor is now becoming the hottest trend of e-commerce now. Among strong platform, Magento and WooCommerce are considered as an ideal solution for web-store owners. Understanding that, with Tee-pro theme, Multi-vendor feature is also completely ready for you to enjoy. This module is based on WooCommerce, allowing you to experience any goodness of both WooCommerce and WordPress. For each vendor, you offer them Marketplace, Dashboard in back-end and individual store with full power of management like Commission, Sales, Promotions, Inventory and others. Each seller is able to manage their sales and traffic on the front end as well as back end with this T-shirt solution. If you want to create a multi-vendor page for different T-shirt solution providers to join, this package is a complete answer.

7. Easy-to-use Admin panel
As you can see, Tee-pro web to print package gives you a lot of features but to install, customize and configure as you want is not complicated at all. Once you pick up a package of this solution, you can enjoy the enthusiasm and regular support or update of Netbase’s team. If you are a beginner, you can do some basic steps, then let them help you complete your site. The guiding document is in details so you also take a little time to process this. Based on WooCommerce Foundation, Tee-pro is equipped with SiteOrigin Page Builder and short codes. Therefore, you will have an easy-to-use admin panel with this WordPress T-shirt printing solution.

Seven key factors you can obtain with Tee-Pro WooCommerce Custom T-shirt designer WordPress. This is called as name “All-in-one solution” and makes sure to comfy both you as well as your customers. Believe that with it, you increase the success rate up to 100% of your Printing business. Nothing can stop your enhancement and your position. Now, it’s time you should take a visit of Live Demo of this solution.

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