It is easy to see that renew and update your online stores is one of the essential ways to attract customer and increase sales. It is time to improve your website to promote competition of your website. In this article, we will bring you 3 effective upgrade the site such as Improve your site-search with redirects, simplify check out process, built a stronger cart with Magento extensions.

Improve your site-search with redirects

You can use navigate to Catalog on your website by search terms. You’ll see all of the search terms used in your internal site search listed in a grid. You can edit any of them.Once you go into edit, you can set which query is this query’s synonym to fix common spelling mistakes for some of your products, categories or brands.

You can also set redirect URLs. This is extremely powerful, as you can instruct Magento to return any URL you want instead of returning the search results when a given query is entered.You can use Magento’s default site search functionality, or you can implement SOLR. In some cases, you might even implement a 3rd party solution such as Google Custom Search.

Simplify check out process

Check out is the final step which play an important role on finish on purchase process.As we usually do, everyone has to finish a process of 6 steps to check out for favorite products. And you must implement step by step with your patient. You can bring your customer convenience and ease in checkout in order to improve their shopping inspiration with your online store.

Use Magento one step checkout Extension of Cmsmart will be a smart choice thanks to it reduce all check out process in 1 step instead of 6 steps as normal. With this extension and short time to install it, your online store will have a noticeable boost. It reduces 6 checkout steps to only 1 step and supports various payment methods. Shopping online now faster and more interesting.It also offers a great selection of responsive themes that are optimized for every possible layout and screen resolution. Now your buyer can reach the information of product every time, everywhere and on various equipment such as mobile, laptop or tablet etc. Thanks to responsive feature your website can display perfectly.Once customers log in, system has ability to save their addresses in address book then auto-fill billing and shipping addresses for them. So that they can save many time to others action.

Built a stronger cart

Magento ecommerce platform is one of the best grade at its excellence. In some cases, default Magento is not optimized for online shops. Add-to-cart process is a weakness, the page has to be reloaded when shoppers add, edit or remove products in their cart. This long process annoys shoppers, reducing their user friendly experience and affecting your sale volumes. Therefore, we need to improve the process with an enhanced extension.

Install Magento Ajax Cart Pro Extension of Cmsmart: users can add, update or remove products from an Ajax pop-up on your Magento eCommerce store easier without reloading the cart. Buyer also can choose product options via Pop-Up. For products which have custom fields, customers won’t have to access the product details page, they can choose options before they add products to cart on the catalog page. A mini cart can be updated quickly. To make the shopping on your store more interesting, you can use animation effects for Magento Ajax cart