Frequently asked questions
Magento PrintMart Website Theme Integrated Online Design Package

You can cancel the renewal fee at any time. After you cancel the renewal fee, you can use our product on your domain for a life time, but you can not open a support ticket or download the new upgraded version. If you want to update to the latest version you have to buy our product again with 45% sales off. Therefore, please consider carefully before you cancel the renewal fee.

Yes, of course. You only need to pay for the difference between the 2 packages but only in case your package support is still available.

- Auto Renewal Payment: With this package, you have 6 months to receive our support, download and upgrade FREE. You DON'T need to buy the product again but after the first 6 months, you have to pay a small recurring fee for every next 6 months to maintain our support, download and upgrade FREE.

- Standard Payment: You only pay ONCE for this payment, you will receive our support, download and upgrade FREE in 6 months. But after 6 months, if you want to upgrade, download or support, you HAVE to buy again with 45% sales off.

90% of our customers choose Auto Renewal Payment because not only our customers may save a lot of money but also their sites are always up -  to - date.

The higher level packages will have all the features of the lower lever package but more premium features. We provide 3 levels of the package as below:
- The advanced package ($599): It is a package with Standard plugins; Price Matrix and Order upload are the most outstanding features available in this package.
- Premium package ($799): It includes Advanced package + Powerful plugin- Online Designer + other Sales and Marketing plugins.
- Enterprise package ($1,249): It includes Premium package + some powerful plugins for Enterprise business such as CRM, Multi-vendor…
You are recommended to refer the premium or enterprise package because they include Online designer tool- a necessary feature for printing business. For more details, please read carefully at this link:


We offer FREE installation to customers who buy a full package. Our dev team will install the whole package for you without charging any fee.

Yes, we support multiple fonts in the admin panel. You can select anyone you like.

Yes, this package supports Multi-language & Multi-currency. You can set up languages & currency for your website to suitable with your business target market. 

Yes, you will.

It supports all kinds of product: simple products, virtual products, downloadable products, configurable products, grouped products…

Yes, you can create coupon codes for all customers or a specific group of customer or for anyone who makes a purchase.

Yes, customers can attach or upload their files to place orders.

Yes, they can manage their designs and get approve or reject information in a customer account.

Yes, customers can pre-calculate the shipping cost for any product or a specific order.

Yes, Shop Owner can configure to block all the unavailable days for delivery in the back-end. In the front-end, the days off will be hidden in the smart calendar and your customers can't select this day for delivery.

Yes, you can add text, art, images.

Yes, you can add QR code text and customize QR code layers.

Yes, you can preview product designs with “zoom in”, “zoom out” or “preview design” pop-up

The orders with product designs will be managed separately right in the backend. The shop owners can view designed images, approve or reject, download the designed images or export to PDF file.