An online business expert has ever said to me that If you were not online, you did not exist, that’s the rule if you are a part of modern business world. Nowadays, we find that it is quite easy to start a website using a customizable website template. However, the problems appear right in this abundance of choice. There are two main choices of website templates: multipurpose and niche specific templates. In this article, I will clarify more about these two choices and hope it will be helpful to your decision.

1. Niche specific templates.

When we talk about niche templates, you might associate them to niche marketing. Ok, niche Marketing is focusing on all marketing efforts upon a well-defined segment of the market and niche specific templates also just emphasize specific types of business or in other words, they are the answer for all the needs of a particular business.

Niche specific templates will be the perfect choice due to their elaboration to emphasize a unique brand identity, they also contain tools relevant to your business so users just need to customize a little bit to make them suitable to their needs.

On Cmsmart marketplace, there are various niche templates designed sophisticated for diversified purposes including Magento themes, Virtuemart templates and WordPress templates for printing, restaurant, bookstore, etc.

However, one thing I want to emphasize is that flexibility is so highly appreciated nowadays and if you need a freedom of choice and a wide spectrum of options or you frequently transform business style, niche templates are not likely to be found. You will need to consider the choice analyzed in the second part.

2. Multipurpose templates

Multipurpose templates are designed created to suit different purposes with a number of pre-made pages that can be used for the creation of various sites.

What are the advantages of multipurpose templates?

Do you know why Nebase team developed a lot of multipurpose or multipurpose packages and users are almost crazy in love with those products? Because multipurpose website templates can boast that they provide users with a wide range of variations across a range of layouts and different elements. One more positive aspect of applying a multipurpose website is that you can easily transform it for other purposes. You will find it so wonderful when you need a website for a short-term project. When the project is over, you are able to continue using the same website template over and over again after a little bit of customizing.

Let’s me take an example. Instead of designing specific template for each small aspect of printing business like T-shirt, Business card, Stationary, etc. Netbase team developed WordPress printshop theme package for all purposes of printing business. Small, medium businesses and even printing enterprise also can use it. You are welcome to enjoy the wonderful functionality of a multitude of efficient widgets: multiple page layouts and multiple functions. That’s unimaginable.


Among so diversified choices available on the market, it is so crucial to consider every aspect before making decision. We cannot say which is the best because it will depend on your business target. Before choosing, let’s look carefully at its pros and cons and try any of them for free.