During recent years, the pre order button is becoming more and more important. The reason is that more business owners are seeing the benefits of taking pre-orders online as they give a good idea of what the demand is and get a guaranteed number of sales. In other words,  if you’re launching a new product, a pre-order strategy is a highly beneficial component to incorporate into your plan.

But, if not done carefully pre-orders, you can damage your brand awareness. So now, in this article, we would like to offer some top-notch, one-of-the-kind pre-order tactics you may need for your eCommerce store. 

But first, let’s go through some definitions.

What is “Pre-order”?

A pre-order is an order placed for a product that is not yet released. When you open online presales on your website, your customers can get your products they want beforehand. This could be done by reserving them in advance before they are officially available. This step creates a  sense of excitement and exclusivity for customers about your products. 

When should businesses use pre-order strategy?

With an ecommerce brand, you need to hype and give customers attention and urgency to order your products. The pre-order button build momentum and increase need. Because of the time and effort required to launch a strong pre-order strategy, pre-orders are best used for major company events or product launches, such as:

  • Launching a new business into the market

  • A new flagship product in your range

  • Limited edition or special items, like a limited edition Thanksgiving product

  • Launching a big promotion or discounts on an existing product.

You can use Magento Pre-order Extension to integrate pre-order extensions to your website. It helps the admin to manage pre-order products or orders on the out of stock products.

The unique strategies you may need

There may be chances that pre-orders don’t work for a certain product, if you use an obsolete tactic. Pre-order strategies need to be well-considered and well-executed to have the best chance of success. To ensure your business has the best chances of success, we’re here to give you some exotic, top-notch strategies for your store.

1. Social media optimization


Pre-order can be the perfect promotion for your social media channels. Your pre-order campaign need to create excitement about your products and get more traffic for your website. So, Let’s consider setting paid advertisements on social media platforms to touch your target audience. Social media channels like Instagram, Twitter, Instagram can help you a lot in increasing your site’s traffic, using online presales. 

2. Pre-order payment strategy

Having a simple and clear way to accept payments will help your pre-order run smoothly. There are 2 ways of payment 

  • Take the orders and ask for payment when the product is in stock. The only issue with this method is that the customer can change their mind and cancel their order.

  • Authorize the credit card details and automatically charge it once the item ships.

You can also request full payment in advance, but this way is not really good because many customers are uncomfortable doing this. This way may work for valuable or limited edition

3. Communication is the key

While your marketing your pre-order on social media, don’t forget to ask your customers by sending an email. It’s also very important to maintain communication with everyone. Because your pre-order is online and you need to prepare for unforeseen situations such as production or shipping delays. Anytime there is an update, be sure to communicate this via email and social media.

Other useful marketing information you could share:

  • The number of items available for pre-order

  • The exact or estimated shipping date

  • Any terms and conditions that apply

  • The timeline for cancellation, if allowed at all

  • How payments will be accepted

4. Create value and scarcity

Customers need a reason to pre-order rather than buying your product at launch. And giving them added value to thank them for ordering in advance is one solution. That means you are rewarding them for their support in pre-ordering your product. Also, another great way to drive demand and urgency is to create scarcity by appealing a customer’s FOMO. By doing so, you’re incentivizing customers to buy now rather than further hesitation.

5. Build a marketing campaign to drive awareness


If nobody knows about your launching pre-order for a product, it is unsuccessful, This is why a strong marketing campaign is one of must-have pre-order strategy. Advertising is more than enough for you to raise the customers’ awareness. By building the right marketing campaign, you and your pre-orders will be on the eye of the customers, and future sales is waiting for your business.

6. Prepare yourself for a surge in orders and traffic

One of the most common mistakes businesses make in building their pre-order strategy is not preparing for success. The result can be websites go down because of a spike in traffic, or there isn’t enough inventory to keep up with the demand. In order to ensure this doesn’t happen, check the bandwidth of your website. This is for handling a spike in visitors, and implement a launch team to assist with any customer inquiries or orders.

Final words

That should be it! Here are some of the most exotic, one-of-a-kind yet awesome pre-orders strategies you may need to use for your eCommerce store. By integrating this button into your store, you and your business will be much better than ever. You can see more demo to know how to integrate.  We – CMSmart offers to you guys with the best themes and extensions that can be compatible with your eCommerce site