Joomla Virtuemart Responsive Printing Company Template


I have tried installing this template so many times but i get this error message Unknown column 'cost_min_transaction'........... and when i try installing without the sample data i get this error message "Error displaying the error page: Could not find template "".: Could not find template " im really frustrated
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Online Designer

Hi there - I just wanted to confirm that this template package does NOT come with an online designer (so guests can design their own business cards, postcards etc). Nor does it actually link up to a template gallery where you can select premade tamplates and then configure). Is there even Joomla addons that would accommodate that functionality? or after purchasing this would I be sort of stuck with a site that functions well BUT not as well as I would like (having an online designer is...
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The Live Demo is great, this looks like what I need for my shop. Is it possible to see what this system looks like from the Admin side? Specifically When someone uploads a file into the system how do I as the owner of the system see and use that file and get it into production?
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We have several issues before purchase

Hello we are interested in purchasing this template.We have several issues before.One of our products is calculated per m2. M2 in the text box is free number. You may do this calculation in INSTANT PRICE CALCULATOR.INSTANT PRICE CALCULATOR works in joomla. We can see demo?Thanks
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Questions before purchase

Hello.1) With this template comes this extension https://cmsmart.net/virtuemart-extensions/virtuemart-order-upload-plugin ?2) What other extensions come with this template?3) Where, on the product page, will display a form for upload images?Thanks in advance for your reply.
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File Uploader

Will I be able to put the FILE UPLOADER extensions on the check out / shopping cart page?Will I be able to set up all my order pages like the (Poster Signs) page on your demo Site?-Multiple options on Instant Price Calculator-File Uploader Not all pages are set up the same on the demo website
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fixing Ajax Drop Down Cart not working!!!

It seems that the promised fixing are not working (in demo live too) or working bad!!!+ Fixed: Operation “Update quantity” in Ajax Drop Down Cart for Virtuemart module.+ Fixed: “Delete product” function in Ajax Drop Down Cart for Virtuemart module.+ Fixed: “Empty cart” function in Ajax Drop Down cart for Virtuemart module.The same function in cart are working very bad!!!
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update from 5.1.0 to 5.2.0

Hi, how can I update to the last version from 5.1.0? I need to do this because finally in the last version you fixed some bugs of the cart (delete product, update quantity, empty cart).
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Template update

Hello,I have bought this theme in 2013, I have a version for joomla 2.5 and virtuemart 2.0. It is version 2.0, I guess.When I did some upgrades on virtuemart, the file upload stopped working, and add to cart function stopped working and some other functions. Can I update the functionality without updating the design? When I purchased the template, I was promised lifetime support and update. My website is document-service.ru (now it is off, because most functions don't work). I would appreciate...
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I love the template but BROWSE and PRINT not workingI want something like this https://www.printivo.com/category/business-cardsClick on browse and upload to testCan you help to make it work like the sample i sent?
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designtool in template

Hi, is there also a designtool in this template?
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Price Table

In the instant price calculator, the prices comes like in the HTML5 theme, in a table?Thanks!
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2018, Nov 01

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