Advance delivery date & time for virtuemart

Old version

Hi, I want to buy this plugin, but I nedd for J25 and VM2.3 too. Can You send me this ersion (I think 2.X) for me after pay? Thanks Rudolf
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Cut-off date/time

Hi, Is it possible for admins to set a cut-off date/hour ? For example: a customer would have to order before a specified time in order to be able to deliver the next day (or even 2 days).
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Special day delivery

hello to all.Does your plugin support the below scenario.I need to have 2 options with extra shipping cost. (not nessesery to be compined)The first option is to choose time with extra cost for example 3 euros and the second is to choose a specific day, for example Saturday with extra cost 5 euros. Is that possible Thank you in advance.
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select city

hi,Can I associate a list of different time intervals for each city?
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Delivery date

hi,can I ask if by adding this extension to my joomla website, will I be able to set different price for different days of a week in virtuemart shipping options.Kind regards
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Hi, I have joomla 3.6 + VirtueMart 3.0.16 in Template Joomlart.Can I use this Plugin?
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Hi, I would like to know where can I see the delivery date in the backend, can I see it in the order list?Thanks for your answer.Pablo
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Presale - opc

Hi there, For a client iam building a webshop. His clients needs only to choose a (future) deliveryday. No place or time. Can this be done with this extentions in the following one pagecheckout plugin?:http://vmonepage.com/Best regards, M
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Time Format

Hi,Is there the posibility to preset some intervals at Time Delivery?Example: Option 1: From 10 am - 13 pmOption 2: From 13 pm - 18 pmOption 3: Any timeThanks!
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Rupostel OPC 2

Product Delivery date for Virtuemart 3 plugin in Virtuemart Extensions works with Rupostel OPC?
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RuposTel One Page

Good afternoon, Your support stretches as when buying through the site extensions.virtuemart.net?I had a problem with the installation of the plug-in on RuposTel One Page
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