As one of the leading bosses of e-commerce, Amazon is always an endless inspiration for web-store owners. Understanding that, Magento solution provider – CMSmart published their Amazon Theme package stimulated according to Amazon model, bringing you an informative and fully-functional website to conquer thousands of audiences. Responsive Magento Amazon Theme received a lot of fans for rich-featured and stunning design. With the latest version, you will enjoy more amazing features that boost the speed of your Magento store and allow you to successfully run a Multi-vendor web-store.

For this newest version, we can list 5+ reasons explaining Why Magento Amazon Responsive Theme is an ideal option for anyone who would like to build up a website like on Magento platform.

1. Easy-navigation and friendly layout give the most comfortable feeling to customers

A beautiful appearance can help you attract customers at the first sight but the key factor can keep them staying on your site for long time must be convenience. Imagine that when a customer visits your website, they feel very excited. However, when he tries to find his favorite item, he does not know how to navigate or even takes much time to have it. Then, he is ready to come back for the next time, isn’t him? That is the reason Why e-business solution providers make an attempt of effort to minimize unnecessary items of a web-store, replacing simple and user-friendly ones.

Magento Amazon theme package is also the same, adding more features and easy to navigation tools to your site. They are very beneficial for shoppers to complete their shopping time as soon as possible.

  • Good navigation: Modern and unique design, showing sliders right on the Homepage. Moreover, with fully customizable slideshow, you can adjust content alignment, height and others to make your site more beautiful. Slideshow comes with touch navigation for mobile thus it can be displayed on any store page for customers to easily access. Special menu on the Homepage allows customers to direct which product group they should click on. This unique menu is created on Amazon site inspiration.


  • The header is elegantly designed with a nice logo the footer is equipped with an auto-run slider that optimizes the space to show product images and make the footer be livelier as well. This must be the stunning component of this theme. You also have 2 styles for your category pages including Film and Fashion. Depending on types of products, you can freely choose the category for it to attract customers more.


2. Multiple applications save much shopping time for customers

  • The theme covers many advanced features that greatly enhance shopping experiences for clients. Typically, such smart applications as pop-up for log-in, register, quick view function, the drop-down list for user menu diminish significantly time loading for the customer. Additionally, it integrates default plug-ins in a unique way to bring the brand-new look of a Magento them and the brand-new feeling for a Magento theme.
  • A vertical mega menu containing side drop-down categories with different types of custom HTMLs or Drop-down Ajax search module searching by categories deliver a lot of information to customers. Ajax Cart also increases your service up to a higher level when allowing customers to add to cart and update the number of products without waiting for page-loading time.


3. Full of Multi vendor features

Amazon Magento Responsive Theme integrated with Multi vendor is the perfect version with enough features of a multi vendor e-commerce. Amazon e-commerce basically was born with multi vendor model, giving chances to a lot of providers in different fields to sell products on the same marketplace. Thus, this Amazon theme integrated with this latest feature will be the most ideal option that cannot be found anywhere. More importantly, 10+ pages of multivendor are available for you to have a good performance. It is added with highlight features:

and allows your customers to:

  • View vendor information of each vendor on your site when they vendor wants to open a store
  • View vendor’s product details including vendor’s logo and description
  • View vendor’s Category where shows products’ name, review, and price

and allows vendors to:

  • Log in their account to have a look at review list, order statistics, sales, and management.
  • Create products, do steps in their own shops in the back end. They also can set up attributes, manage their sales, orders as well as commission right in the back end.
  • Have full control of their own shop on both front end and back end as they wish.

4. Strong Admin panel

  • After installing the Amazon theme package for your site, you will have over 100 pages with a general structure to manage and customize like Dashboard, Catalogue, Default category, Configuration, or Attribute sets… They are gathered and create a uniform model for you to easily process. A responsive allows you to use in all devices anywhere you want. And the modern design brings you simple but not less smart pages to configure in the admin panel.
  • It is fully equipped with various colors with a ton of skins, jQuery and clean code lead to a fast and feature-rich JavaScript library, and the result is a good user experience. It is more Attractive with CSS3, HTML5, and CHARTS: Simple, clean and engaging HTML5 based JavaScript charts. With ChartJS we create animated, interactive graphs on admin theme.

5. Optimized speed

This theme is optimized aim to load speed faster and your customers feel satisfied with your website. Although it covers a lot of rich features, the Amazon package still fast loads on the front end as well as back end. It saves much time for you and your customers or vendors while they try to sell or purchase products on your site.

Other Features:

  • Upload Admin’s Avatar Function: With a nice avatar, it increases visually and easily control admin accounts
  • Quick Preview Website: Adding quick preview website function, admin easily preview all changing on their site and more

In conclusion, the latest version of Responsive Magento Amazon Theme is deserved to be the first choice for your Magento store. You should have real experience of this product with Live Demo before having it installed into your site. It would be difficult-to-forget moments of you.