Building a website is quite simple but improving UX will make your pressure and consideration double up. You can hire developer to help you but to impress and engage your visitors are not a short journey and it will cost you considerably. If you choose to do by yourself, this article will provide you information about the Ecommerce mistake web owners usually make and hope you can avoid it

1. Obligation to sign up

It is not necessary to require customers to sit and make an account right at the first time they come to your site, they don’t have so much time. In the first time, visitors might just want to come and check products, not immediately buy or become a loyal customer. So, let’s make them feel free and comfortable without the compulsion of signing up or at least, if you require them to make an account, don’t forget show what benefit they might achieve like coupon code, some tips for business, etc.

2. Insufficient product information

We are in the era of online shopping, it means customers cannot touch products, they just can base on provider’s reputation and the information provided to decide whether buy or not. The information might be displayed in text, image or video but it should contain dimensions, sizes, colors, uses, benefits, ingredients/materials used, care and maintenance, and every other possible detail. Don’t make your visitors hesitate and then come to your competitors whose websites come with more detail about the product.

3. Forget the power of blog

Blog is the big bonus for your strength in marketing aspect. Blog is an effective channel to turn visitors into loyal customers. Therefore, it will be so great if you spend more time and enthusiastic to created killed content, don’t forget a link or call-to-action in your blogs to help customers instantly find the product. Blog will help boost your revenue.

4. Too complicated checkout process

I don’t mean to refer that people nowadays are impatient but what can be simplified or shorten, we should do. Time is gold. Even when a visitor is satisfied with your product and service, they click on BUY button but the checkout process is too long and complicated, they can immediately abandon. Let’s keep it simple as much as possible, just 2 or 3 steps or it will be the best if your website uses single checkout process by integrating One step checkout extension.

5. Complex navigation path

Navigation is also a crucial field that you should make it easy-to-understand so customers could know what they are looking for. If you put yourself into customer’s shoes, you will understand how they feel and what they really want. Putting up complex paths to follow, or including lots and lots of sub-categories can prove to be frustrating for the visitors.

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