10 Office chairs

Global order growth (YOY): 304%

 Office chairs round out the top ten amazon trending goods. We're undoubtedly witnessing an uptick owing to the current work-from-home trend, as we have with other popular products in the home goods area.

People who work in good office chairs work more effectively and productively. They can minimize chronic back pain and lower healthcare costs associated with poor posture caused by faulty seats.

Keywords Everywhere trend data indicates the following search volumes:

  • Monthly cost of an office chair: $1,220,000

  • 90,500 per month for an ergonomic office chair

  • 49,500 per month for a home office chair

  • Monthly rent for office chairs is $4,500.

It is necessary to know who your ideal consumer is before you can target them. If you want to sell office chairs to college students, your marketing may need to target parents. Facebook advertising, Instagram ads, and Pinterest are the greatest places to reach parents.

If you're marketing to business or working adults, you should reach out to them directly with Instagram advertisements, maybe through collaborations with Instagram influencers and bloggers. You may also target organizations that are returning to the office or implementing a work-from-home requirement using LinkedIn advertisements.

Office chairs for working people are less vulnerable to seasonal fluctuations, so this market may be a success if you're seeking for an all-year-round amazon product trend. To earn direct sales, you could also run Google Shopping ads for high-intent phrases like "office chairs for sale."

11 Water bottles

Global order growth (YOY): 235%

 One of top selling items on amazon 2021 are Water bottles. The worldwide reusable water bottle market is now worth $8.38 billion in 2020 and is predicted to increase at a CAGR of 4% until 2028. Keywords Everywhere trend data reveals the following search volume:

  • Monthly consumption of water bottles: 673,000

  • 33,100 per month for insulated water bottles

  • Monthly cost of water bottles with straws: $33,100

  • Monthly cost of reusable water bottles: $18,100

This movement is being driven by rising environmental dangers posed by non-reusable bottles, as well as an increase in consumers adopting a healthier lifestyle. Your target audience is more likely to be health-conscious and aware of the negative consequences of single-use bottles.

To promote this best-seller, show these water bottles in action. You might, for example, hold a contest in which consumers share images of their water bottles in the woods. Alternatively, staged images of the water bottles in an eco-friendly context might be posted on social media and used in advertisements. Working with influencers is another excellent strategy to advertise water bottles and get them in front of new prospective customers.

In Facebook Ads Manager, you may create a Custom Audience to target certain groups of individuals. Alternatively, use Google Ads for the keywords "reusable water bottles" or "insulated water bottles" to target people who are actively looking for comparable items.

How to start selling on Amazon

2.1 Create an Amazon seller account.

To get started, you'll need to create an Amazon seller account. Amazon will urge you to provide the following information when you join up:

  • Name.

  • Location and entity of a business.

  • Address.

  • Information on billing.

  • Identity verification.

You'll then have to determine whether you want to sign up for an individual or professional plan. This is determined by the number of things you want to sell each month.

If you intend to sell fewer than 40 goods each month, you should probably go with the individual plan. The professional plan is appropriate for anyone who knows they will sell more than that every month.

2.2 Determine the items you will sell.

A large portion of your success on Amazon will be determined by the things you choose to sell. In order for a product to be lucrative, there must be a market need for it. It might be useful to look at what is already selling well on Amazon to find profitable goods. Look for top selling on amazon items that are lightweight, easy to ship, and have a profit margin of at least 50%.

It's best to avoid things that are delicate and require special handling while shipping. You should also avoid selling branded products or selecting things from Amazon's banned list.

2.3 Conduct market research

Once you've decided on the things you wish to offer, devote some time to market research. Keep track of your competition and their sales over time. This will provide you with a more accurate view of the market and the approach you should take.

It's also a good idea to speak with potential consumers and solicit input on the things you want to offer. This market study can assist you in validating your company idea and determining your next actions.

2.4 Create your Amazon product listings

You must first establish product listings before you can begin selling top amazon products on Amazon. You can match an existing listing if someone else is selling the same goods. Alternatively, you can create a new listing and discover top 10 items sold on amazon to invest in.

A Global Trade Item Number is required to make a product listing (GTIN). This is a product ID that assists the firm in determining exactly what you're offering. If Amazon is unfamiliar with the goods you're selling, you may need to request an exception.

To get started, select a product category. If you want to sell things from a restricted category, you'll have to wait until Amazon approves you.

Finally, make sure to include product photographs. This is especially true if you're attempting to market a competing product. Remember that photography does not have to be expensive—you can take your own images.

2.5 Create a shipping strategy.

Setting up your delivery plan is the final step in getting started as an Amazon seller. When it comes to delivery, you have two choices: do it yourself or let Amazon do it for you.

If you want to handle shipping yourself, you will store the items and dispatch them straight to your clients. You may also choose Fulfillment by Amazon, which is the simplest approach.

Amazon has over 175 fulfillment facilities, and merchants have access to that storage space. If you pick this option, you will ship the products to Amazon. When a deal is completed, Amazon will send the merchandise straight to the purchaser.

2.6 Keep track of consumer feedback.

For Amazon retailers, customer reviews are crucial, especially the top-selling amazon products. Potential purchasers take these ratings seriously, thus having a high number of favorable reviews will boost your company's trustworthiness.

Follow up with each consumer to learn about their purchasing experience and urge them to post a review. This will be the most effective strategy to boost sales and develop your business over time.

3. Conclusion

These are some of the top selling amazon products in 2022, but there are a plethora of others to consider when determining what to sell on Shopify as a new dropshipper or experienced store owner. Finding high-quality products and pricing them is only one half of the puzzle. The actual key is determining how to advertise them.

As you may have gathered from this Amazon industry research study, the corporation has disrupted a wide range of sectors, from publishing to online groceries, and from advertising to space exploration. It is quite difficult to predict what the corporation, its subsidiaries, partners, and executives will do next. However, based on our knowledge, it will always be large, aggressive, and even out of the box. This is what makes Amazon wonderful and fascinating to watch.

However, we may anticipate the corporation to continue its approach of acquiring commercial real estate in various businesses and sectors without really assuming control of them. For the most part, Amazon will continue to give value by making everything from product discovery to delivery more easier for its consumers. It will become a household name much more than it is now, and it will be worldwide.

This may be disastrous for firms who stand in Amazon's way. You may, however, ride the big Amazon wave if you are ready to work with the change rather than just rejecting it. The repercussions have already been seen in a variety of businesses, ranging from advertising to online grocery shopping. Success may hinge on how you deal with Amazon's relentless expansion. As a result, following the Amazon trends report on a regular basis is a smart idea. 

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