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Internet and computers have carried graphic design into another world of innovation and convenience. Technology clears all the thinking that digital design is not a very convenient area for making changes, you can see how online design tools have been preferred in several recent years. That's the most evident proof. If we look this big picture as the whole, we will find that we use online design tools even when we do not notice it: In mobile apps and sharing, whenever we change the size or color or add text to a picture.

Some consumers worriedly asked me whether such kind of tool is too professional for the one who is not good at technology. Don't worry, that's just for the tools for some special fields but most design tools are easy enough to be learned and participate.

The rise of graphic design:

  • Let's think about how our world would be without graphic design, so boring right? Our journals, books, and products packages will have nothing special, just words and some boring images. Moreover, it also has a significant impact on the development of machines, engineering, science, and Urban development.

  • In the past, graphic design was just used for drawing symbols, words or combination of text but nowadays, we also use it for logos, posters and ads.

  • It all started in the 80′ of the 20th century when computers’ software application was able to produce and present progressive images and typographic which could not be created by man or by non-digital tools.

  • Since 1990, web designers required a graphic background that can design the correct shapes and sizes of their digital materials.

  • The first browser was released in 1996, it included support for style sheets, and later on CSS. HTML had very limited styling options, leaving the gap for flash which was limited, yet easy to create and draw.

  • After that, more doors for the development in terms of browser and applications have been opened. Open source platforms made it easy to design and create new features. W3C released HTML5 standard and made it obvious, digital design belongs to (almost) everybody.

8 benefits online design tools brings to T-shirt design theme:

  • It is totally online: it can match environmental technology priorities.

  • Accessible platform: When you come to T-shirt design theme, you just need to log in, choose a product and there will be a separate page for your creativity.

  • Plenty of management options: Online design tools platforms have dashboards that help you create your account, set privacy, manage and save your files, download or share them with colleagues and networks.

  • You don't want to design, that's ok: there are thousands of fonts and icon available, you just need to choose among them to have a great printing design.

  • It is cheap: What I mean "cheap" is not just about the money you have to pay for online design tools, what I want to focus here is the effort and time you have to spend.

  • It is useful: You can use your design for a wide range of purposes, print poster, E-book, presentation, website, social media.

It is all about you: All those complicated back-end programs and applications come down to one purpose – To create a helpful online design tool for your user experience.

Nowadays, we are witnessing an amazing development of Printing industry, including different angles like method, trend, technology and user’s taste. Printing industry expands the list of printing-fields and diversifies them from T-shirt, Business Card, Home equipment and more. T-shirt is also focused much and becomes one of the most traditional printing fields. Thanks for the development of technologies and digital age, web-to-print is more and more preferred. Web-to-print solution providers usually offer good options to the web-store owner or printing businessman. This is the same with T-shirt solution. We are not so difficult to find out T-shirt solution for a T-shirt printing e-business. However, how to pick up with the best option is not easy at all.

With regard to e-commerce platforms on the market now, we need to consider Magento, WordPress, Virtuemart or Shopify. Among them, WordPress web-to-print solution receives a lot of good reviews of user-friendly performance, inspiration of creation and marketing-SEO solutions. This is seen as an ideal platform for T-shirt solution printing-site. Thus, How a T-shirt printing site can stand out among other competitors while there are more and more T-shirt printing solution providers on the marketplace. In order to answer this question, we will tell you Key-factors of a T-shirt web-to-print on WordPress and WordPress T-shirt design Theme with online design

1. Ease of Use
It is certain that if the product is not easy to use, no one will use it. This is especially pertinent to Printing industry – where the main benefits lies in the ability for companies and brands or distributed sales – forces (franchise are a good example) to standardize and simplify their marketing efforts. If you give them a T-shirt solution on Web-to-print, you need to make sure to walk through the visitor flow, customization and ordering process for any and all web-to-print solutions you are considering. WordPress helps you put yourself in the shoes of end-users, giving them more glamorous features and simplicity in use.

2. Trendy and Modern Design
WordPress is well-known for many awesome designs of different topics from fashion, Home-furniture, Book-store, Art gallery and more. They choose this platform for their products for the main reason that simple tool brings unique theme. With WordPress T-shirt design solution, we will have the most beautiful design out of our thinking. WordPress T-shirt design Theme is an awesome example for this.

  • Trendy design comes from fresh and strong colors, making t-shirt items more outstanding and catch customer’s eyes easily. Smart pictures with text introducing products in an effective way, at the same time promoting your SEO. According to marketing trend currently, web-store designer usually uses their graphic picture with more words to make their message of product more clearly. Moreover, the banner slider or slider revolution right on the Homepage makes your site more impressive and attractive. This Tee-pro solution offers three demos that stand for three types of T-shirt Web-to-print. They are unique themes which have difference from structures and orders as below
  • Tee-pro T-shirt printing solution also creates a lot of types of Category, Product Detail Page and Footer. Thus, there are 20+ pages in this theme, making sure that your customers never be boring when shopping on your site. They are following normal regulars of a WordPress design but very creative when displaying your products. Therefore, you will conquer more viewers on your site, letting them discover and do more online purchases.
  • Fully responsive theme is very valuable when the world is directing to Smart devices, especially smart phones. Absolutely, our modern life is impossible to lack smart phones. According to e-commerce reports, revenue and traffic from mobile device are endlessly increasing, up to 65% of the summary profit. People over the world love doing everything on their mobile phone if possible. Thus, e-commerce solution providers always try to create application of their store adaptable for customer’s needs. WordPress T-shirt solution is fully responsive, allowing customers to access your web-to-print via different devices. Believe that your T-shirt site has the highest performance on any displays from a small phone to bigger desktop of a computer.

3. Must-have Features
WordPress T-shirt solution offers you a huge range of useful modules that help you create the best service. The fact has shown that the most important factor deciding an online e-commerce successful or not might be User-experience. Thus, any e-commerce solution always be towards to How to give the best user-experience. This is also an effective way for a web-store owner to build up customer’s loyalty, keeping them stay on their site and making purchase more and more.

  • According to customer’s need, easy navigation and search tool are very necessary. Max MegaMenu and Ajax Search extensions are added to this package for shoppers to enjoy. Plus, saving much time on doing shopping is always customer’s requirement. They want to find out their wanted products as fast as possible.
  • More useful plug-ins are added to your package if you need including: Color Swatch, Product Image Zoomer, Related Product and Shop By Brand. They are making your site more user-friendly and bring them the best user-experience.

  • Moreover, One step checkout will be added to the package when you select the Tee-pro Premium package. This module will shorten the checkout process and save much time of customers when they try to finish payment mission on your site.
  • T-shirt solution with friendly SEO supports social integration, allowing you to promote your brand and printing products. Through social channels, you can make your products more popular, encouraging more fans to do online purchase of your site.
  • With this WordPress T-shirt design solution, you offer high-quality customer service, satisfying customers anywhere and any when thanks for Advanced Review, Coupon Code features. Besides, Delivery Date plug-in allows you to improve customers service by delivering the order based on the date customer has chosen and let them select an order delivery date on the checkout page.

  • Tee-pro Woocomerce Web-to-print solution offers you other valuable features to complete your T-shirt printing site. You can discover more here.

To be continued…

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Printing e-commerce is now developing as one of the biggest buzzwords over the world. Among them, T-shirt is mainly considered for the first start-up and covers mostly the printing market. Therefore, How to find out the best WordPress T-shirt design theme is very important for online printing businessmen. Moreover, we can have different ideas of e-commerce platforms like Magento, Shopify, WordPress or Virtuemart and so on. When it comes to designing, WordPress theme market is always the best choice for Web-store owners. They have an open-source web-site with unique style and impressive design, conquering their customers at the first sight. Besides, easy-to-use interface and easy – to – configure back-end bring both users and store owners many benefits when using the theme.

T-shirt solution providers as the result have a lot of ideas for your web-to-print. WordPress T-shirt design theme based on WooCommerce is a stark example for that. It becomes as the best-seller item on the t-shirt printing solutions on the market now. Now, we will discover Why Tee-Pro WooCommerce custom designer WordPress theme might be the No.1 selection for your Store. Key points that are featured by Tee-pro T-shirt solution for your WordPress site

    • User – Friendly and User – Experience: These key factors are highly considered if you want to save more and more loyal customers. More importantly, user – friendly interface will be very helpful for customers do shopping on your site, encouraging them to buy and visit your site many times and for a long time. From that, you can increase your sales, conversion and earn more money. Focusing on both of them is always true with e-commerce, not only in T-shirt web to print. When putting yourself in the shoes of users and ask question, you will understand what they really need. In printing industry that is different from any e-commerce, these features are more necessary. 
    • fully responsive Web-to-print is the fastest way for you to conquer all customers over the world and over time. The number of people using their digital devices like mobile phone or table to do online shopping is much larger than that of people going to offline store. This is also the same with t-shirt printing industry. Now, customers like sitting at home, trying their style right on the website and make an order; then shipping the product to their house. Thus, when you can utilize this, you can have an endless number of shoppers.
    • Add necessary features: Yes, necessary features may be payment, searching, placing the order or simply leaving the comment. Customers do not have much time; they just want to have your product as soon as possible. Thus, when you have a t-shirt print solution installed into your site, it is very important to consider whether its features are useful or not. With WordPress t-shirt solution, you can have chance to own many easy-to-use features including checking out, searching or even adding to cart.

    • Scalability and flexibility are also important. You want to have a complete solution with full support of the provider team. It is necessary when a monthly fee is required. It means that your web to print is updated and upgraded according to the market trend and innovation, adapting customers’ requirement, despite the smallest hope of them. - Give you chance of marketing and SEO solutions. Marketing and SEO always tent to a common goal of highly increasing Profit and traffic. How to enhance the prime of your web-site also has the answer here. Thus, if your t-shirt printing solution can help you promote SEO and marketing campaign, it will be very valuable. To be continued… Tags: T-shirt solution, WordPressT-shirt solution, T-shirt design software

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