The evolution in Ecommerce industry has changed the way artisans and makers sell their handmade items. Building a website with Handmade WordPress theme became easier than ever. However, owning a website is not enough, this article will give you some tips on how to turn your passion into profit with this marketplace WordPress solution:

1. Choose a proper domain

Owning a branded domain name is an inexpensive and hassle-free way to give your business that professional polish it needs. You can choose among multiple providers on the market but it should satisfy those criteria:

  • Short, simple and obvious enough.
  • Avoid using numerals, underscores, and hyphens if possible
  • Register for multiple years

2. Making use of your creativity to craft your shop.

Website is where you show your personality to all consumers. It is a great idea to add Blog and “About us” page to show more information about your business, tell your stories and provide contact and customer support information. Cause the products are all handmade so you should put more effort on writing the description and provide high-quality images (When people can’t physically see and touch your items they need to be able to see what they are purchasing) to show up how unique items are. Let’s spend some time to try several templates and styles until you find something that matches your brand most. That’s the reason why Handmade WordPress theme from Cmsmart comes with 3+ homepage layouts and over 20 unique pages.

3. Find out the channels that are able to generate most traffic and sales for business

Google: the good news is WordPress supports a lot of features that will help you optimize SEO for your site. Let edit product titles and descriptions specifically for SEO friendly
Social channels: That’s what I want to emphasize. Most of handmade web store owners agree that they gain a lot of customers from the shares on social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest. These channels allow business owners to upload images, show journey, glimpses of day to day life. Customers are attracted and encouraged to go to website and buy those cute items.

4. Learn and Stick with it

Don’t be pessimistic if your return revenue is not good right at the first time. When building a handmade webstore with Handmade WordPress theme, you already had a great beginning. What you need to do next is optimizing SEO, organize elements on website to bring customers the best impression. Learn from the success of other business owners, I don’t mean you copy them, just learn from their experience.

The last words,

It is so crucial to build a carefully executed web store. Handmade WordPress theme will set the first brick to your long-term success. Pay attention to detail and be as organized as possible and don’t hesitate to try something new to make yourself different.