Advanced Virtuemart Invoices

Unit price?

Hello. In your template designer I see most snippets for base price and final pricing and such? I do not see any snippet for Unit price? Or if you look in the VM order itself it is listed as Product (gross)? Basically I am looking for a snippet that will add the final or overridden price per item? Is there a snippet for this? Thanks
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Invoices in xml format

Hi. The application can generate xml invoices together with standard pdf format? Thanks
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Invoice and compatibility

Hi I would like to buy your component but I would like to be certain that in the invoice you can put down the total of the VAT for a single value (as in the basic bill of virtuemart) type: VAT at 15%: value total amount VAT 15% for products and shipments and payments VAT at 10%: value total amount VAT 15% for products and shipments and payments VAT at 5%: value total amount VAT 15% for products and shipments and payments Is it compatible with vm 3.2.x? Can you also download a trial...
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Virtuemart Cart View Layout

Hi There, I am interested in your component because we would like to change the cart view layout / customer invoice. More specifically we would like to display invoice discount below the the total and not line discount in a column next to each item listed. Is this type of change possible with the Advanced Invoice Template Customization of your component?
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Hello, I'm interested in your component. We want to use it for our customer. He wants to use special paper with adress labels which you can use for packages etc. Is it possible to arrange the data fields (e.g address) so that you can print it on paper like this example? https://sage-shop.com/WebRoot/Sage/Shops/DigikettGmbH/54B5/0A79/36E8/1959/E38E/0A0C/05ED/964F/ProdDatenblatt_LAB017.pdf And is it still possible with this component to setup the margin (like the page layout in MS Word...
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Hi,Is this plugin translated into Finnish?
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Email customization

Hi.Please, can you tell me if I can customize content of email sended by your extension ?You write everywhere, that extension can send email to notify customers... but there is nothingabout customization, soo im guessing its not possible ?Thanks for your reply. :)Jackob
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Change Dates

HiI want to be able to create new invoices from the admin panel but backdate the invoice so I can manually add data from a previous invoice system into VM. Does your extension allow creation date to be changed?
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Hello!I'm using VM 3.2 and Joomla 3.7.4. I was using Artio VM Invoice for editing the orders and sending customisable confirmation emails to customers. That's what I want, no other. But since VM 3.2. that plugin doesn't work properly (can't handle customfields, and product sizes are in customfields plugin). So I'm looking for a new plugin for that job. My question is, is your plugin work properly under VM 3.2. and can I do these things? Can you give me a Trial version for 1-2 days for checking...
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Invoice Number

Hi. Can I customize the invoice number with Advanced Virtuemart Invoices component?Thanks!
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vat and lang

Can I make multi lang invoices?Can I make revenue reports where I can see VAT?
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Changelog 4.0 -> 4.1

Hi!Is there a changelog for version 4.1 from 4.0 ?Also, is this no longer developed? Last update was 2014.Cheers
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Hi Eric Clark,

for links
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Hello,How can i use Advanced Virtuemart invoice instead of virtuemart default invoices?How can i configure it?Thanks best regards
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Question about Order Confirmational email

Hello,Is it possible to edit only the ADMIN order confirmation email and add the field "PRODUCT INTERNAL NOTE" next to the product sku of all products inside this mail??
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2019, May 13

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