There is one fact that The search bar is often the starting point when browsing the internet “Google” or any other ecommerce website. One question you should raise for yourself is how do you feel when coming to a website without optimized search bar. If you ever worked with Magento web store the standard Magento search system is not flawless. That’s the reason why Magento suggest and Auto complete extension was developed. The main idea of our extension is a search of information on the fly. Well-refined search results can drastically improve your Magento store by lowering bounce rates due to inaccurate results and increasing conversions and sales. Let’s see what do we have in this Magento extension:

  • Smarter and Instant Search: When a keyword is entered, there will be several relevant results returned just in a second.
  • Automatically call out results when input some characters: we just need 3 or 4 letters in search to give you the suggestion
  • Search by category: in a website with thousands of products available, the results returned for a keyword might be a lot, so you can narrow them by searching by category.
  • Product Preview in results: in admin, web owners can set to display full information about products for customers in terms of image, a short description, price and ratings in dropdown list of search results.
    Responsive design: The feature of this extension will look great regardless of the devices you use ( desktop, mobile, tablet, laptop, etc.)
  • Time to request: When a customer enters a word, the speed to return results is slow or fast will depend on how web owner set in admin panel.
  • Display product reviews in the search autocomplete window to encourage customers to purchase.
  • Customize highlight text: Your customers can see highlighted texts/ strings while they are searching products and you can customize color of highlight text as you like.
  • Customize width of dropdown list: The width of dropdown list is not fixed, you can customize to fit your website’s layout in admin panel.
  • Customize description: the length of description and which content is displayed also can be customized easily.

Besides the main features above, there are a lot of benefits you can achieve. We have 4 types of menu “product grid”, “static category listing”, “dynamic product listing by category” and “product listing” you cannot set the number of columns to display in dropdown menu but with the rest, you absolutely can. Besides adding images, description for products, don’t forget labels to highlight such as Hot, New and Sale. With vertical, you can add icon on category to make your category clear.

I hope that with what we mentioned above, it will make you feel excited and interested in this Magento extension. If you want to make your site perfect, don’t hesitate to use Magento Ajax search suggest and auto complete extension