Optimizing and tightening the checkout process is a must for E-Commerce businesses to satisfy customers at the last step. In Magento, we have tools called Magento One Page Checkout Extensions. 

This type of extension can bring all order elements (such as shipping, billing address, shipping and payment methods, etc.) to a single page in your Magento store. However, choosing the Magento one page checkout extension can be complicated, given the requirements and benefits. So now we want to find down what it really is and list some of the best Magento One Step Checkout extensions that can make your store stand out. But first of all, you should to know What Is One Page Checkout?

Magento One Page Checkout Extensions Help Boost Ecommerce Sales

1. What is a Magento One Page Checkout

In the most concise way to understand, One-page checkout in Magento is a single page that displays all the elements of a standard checkout process, including cart, billing and shipping addresses, shipping options, and payment information. One-page checkout is used to simplify the checkout process by reducing the number of clicks and fewer checkout pages.

2. Benefits of Magento One Page Checkout

Fewer steps and fewer clicks

The client wants the road with the least amount of drag; Reducing steps - and clicks - keeps the checkout process short, simple and hassle-free, making it more appealing to customers.

Speed and efficiency

A single checkout page saves screen loading time between checkout pages, reduces navigation time, and eliminates the need to go back and forth between screens to correct or update information. 

Ease of use

By their nature and design, single-page audits are easier to use for the client, with the limited steps required by the client. All form fields in one place so you can enter information at your own pace and in your own order.

Clear navigation

Test a page with clear navigation because you don't need to navigate through multiple pages and multiple steps. Whether you're using a traditional one-page checkout or an accordion-style checkout design, navigating the checkout process is fluid and guided.

Lower abandonment rate

Checkout optimization is not only about delighting your customers, but also about increasing conversions and revenue. Improving the checkout experience will lead to more conversions and greater revenue, as customers abandon paying less and end up paying more often.

Overwhelm customers

Requesting all user information – billing, shipping, payment, etc. – in one page can be overwhelming to the customer. This can intimidate a user right at the time of purchase, scaring them off.

Slow checkout page

The more things that need to be displayed, the slower the page will load. Depending on performance and slow loading times, customers will abandon your eCommerce store for a better user experience.

Analytics limitations

Having all payments in one page limits your ability to track many types of payment analytics. With fewer steps, it's harder to identify the reasons and motivations for abandonment and make meaningful improvements. Check MAGENTO ONE STEP CHECKOUT EXTENSION DEVELOPMENT if you are looking for a freelancer or outsourcing company to develop this solution. 

3. Magento 1 One Page Checkout vs Magento 2 One Page Checkout 

Magento 1 One Page Checkout vs Magento 2 One Page Checkout, which one is suitable for your shop?

Magento 1 One Page Checkout

One Page Checkout brings about enormous benefits for online shoppers:

  • Save time: Previously, checkout with Magento consisted of 4 separate steps. Meanwhile, Magento 2 One Page Checkout only includes 2 steps: Shipping, Review & Payment, this operation is also smoother.

  • Pay without login: It allows guests to pay without registering an account. They can choose to subscribe or not at the end of the purchase.

  • Reduce shopping cart abandonment: Simple checkout process will delight customers; therefore, they are willing to pay without giving up their cart because of the cumbersome process.

However, there are still some drawbacks remaining:

  • Not optimized: Compared to Magento 1, Magento 2 One Page Checkout has reduced many steps to only 2 steps. However, although these 2 steps are only included in one page, they are not fully displayed at once, and you still need to click on each section to display all the boxes.

  • Slow loading speed: One Page Checkout can be enabled by default in Magento; so it's not an optimal solution. It takes time to load a long checkout page and customers can't wait patiently.

  • Disappointing display: The checkout process isn't as organized and smart as you might think. The 2 required steps are conditionally connected, which means you can only view the Review and checkout page after completing the Shipping step, despite the name "single page".

  • Lack of optimal features: During checkout, customers request more useful features, such as modifying orders, comments, custom shipping dates, and more. These features are not supported in default Magento 2 and that's why you need the extension.

Magento 2 Onepage Checkout

One Page Checkout and One Step Checkout sometimes confuse users whether they are the same or not. Please remember that these two are different. In fact, One Step Checkout is an enhanced version of the default Magento One Page Checkout.

Magento 2 One Step Checkout is not available by default. You need an extension for this functionality.

Unlike One Page Checkout, all steps (invoicing, shipping, payment, review) in Magento 2 One Step Checkout are fully displayed at once on one page. Therefore, you do not need to click on each section to display all the boxes. After filling in all the information, placing an order, customers just need to click the order button.

Benefits of Magento 2 Onepage Checkout

Take Fewer Steps To Checkout

Customers often take a long time to finish their checkout with the default One Page checkout. Although this checkout page is also referred to as single page checkout, it includes 2 separate steps: Shipping Address and Billing & Review.

Therefore, customers are required to fill in all information in the Shipping section to be allowed to move to the Payment & Comments section. For more information about defaults, you can read our previous blog post on “Enable Magento 2 default single page checkout” - we have explained this in detail.

When installing One step checkout Magento 2, buyers now process fewer steps than before because the default 2 steps are only combined on one page. Customers can fill in their information immediately without clicking the Next or Back button, especially in case they want to edit or change. In addition, the feature of auto-filling shipping address or loading ajax when there is any change are two outstanding functions that help customers speed up the payment process.

Lower Abandoned Cart Rate And Increase Conversion Rate

According to Baymard research in 2017, 28% of online shoppers in the US abandoned their shopping cart in the last quarter simply because of “too long/complicated checkout process”. Therefore, making payment in one step is useful to encourage customers to complete their payment without hesitation.

Buyers now feel quite comfortable filling out and placing an order on a one-page checkout page, which helps online stores reduce cart abandonment rates as well as increase conversion rates and increase sales. sell.

Customize More Personal Demands Of Customers

On the default checkout page, there are no additional options for customers to have additional customization requirements such as delivery dates and times, gift messages, order comments, or newsletter subscriptions. Meanwhile, E-Commerce always values the individual needs of its customers and is very flexible to allow them to achieve their desires through the functions on the website.

Therefore, Magento 2 One-step checkout extension adds such necessary functions to help buyers control their orders more effectively. They can now choose the right delivery date, issue delivery or order notifications, add gift messages, and sign up for newsletters right within a one-page checkout.

Make Better Layout In All Devices

Besides shopping on computers, shopping on Mobile is more and more popular all over the world. Therefore, responsiveness across devices is necessary to help businesses avoid losing leads as well as sales. Using One step checkout Magento 2, this becomes so simple as the one-page checkout process is responsive on all devices from desktops, tablets to mobile phones.

Everything is optimized to give users the best layout, friendly and easy to use.

Disadvantages Of Magento 2 Onepage Checkout 

Slow page load speed

Trust me. You reap what you sow. Nothing is free that gives optimal results. This statement makes perfect sense in the case of Magento's default. A long checkout page will take a lot of time for the customer to load the page. No one has the patience to wait for a purchase.

The risk of cart abandonment still exists

As shown above, the default one-page checkout process will require the customer to go through 2 main steps. While customers know in advance what they need to fill out, the length of your checkout page can easily frustrate them. As a result, cart abandonment will occur.

Reason for anonymity

You must have longed to gain insight into what drives customers to abandon carts so you can upgrade your checkout system. The analysis is very important. However, Magento One page Checkout cannot assist you in tracking down the cause of the problem.

Missing extra features

With Magento 2 single page checkout, you won't be able to use some advanced features like order adjustments, gift wrapping, comments and custom shipping dates etc.

Not accepting those downsides, Magento store owners are gradually turning to the One-Step checkout extension to accelerate this important step in the customer journey.

The Best Magento One Page Checkout Extensions 

1. Amasty Magento one page checkout

With Amasty Magento one page checkout customers have the option to edit their order details.

Amasty’s module seems to be a popular choice among Magento merchants when it comes to Magento 2 one-step checkout extensions.

Customers should not be cluttered while making payments, and Amasty’s classic theme follows this rule to the T. It has a simple and clean 3-column design for the checkout flow. All the required fields (customer address, product details, shipping settings) are fitted into one page. 

Basic benefits:

  • Responsive across all devices.

  • Optimized for better user experience.

  • Clean-coded for maximum security and seamless experience.

  • Easy to install via Composer.

Core features:

  1. You can tailor the fields of the checkout page according to your shop’s needs.

  2. Re-organize the fields using the drag and drop interface.

  3. You can save details (address, payment methods, etc) of registered customers.

  4. There’s an option for enabling gift options for purchases. Your customers add gift wraps to the product or send a gift message.

  5. You can add checkboxes to get people to sign up for your newsletters, or apply discount codes, etc.

  6. You can also adjust order information from the admin panel.

  7. Customers have the option to edit their order details (size, quantity, etc) right on the checkout page.

Price: $299 and additional charges if you need support.

2. One Step Checkout for Magento 2 by WebKul

WebKul‘s Magento one page checkout extension also comes with a simple and clean checkout design, minimizing redirects. Although some features like add gift cards, analytics, and address suggestions are missing, it provides all basic features needed.

Basic benefits:

  • Open Source code for easy customizations.

  • Compatible with custom templates.

  • Easy installation with the help of a user guide.

Core features:

  1. Its payment fields are Ajax based.

  2. It supports multiple languages.

  3. Customers can checkout as guests if they don’t want to log in or signup.

  4. Customers can apply discount codes at checkout and view a detailed order summary.

  5. The GST field is available for countries using the GST method for taxation.

Pricing: $79

3. Responsive Magento One Step Checkout by CMSmart


This is one of the best Magento one page checkout in the market

This is one of the best checkouts in the market (color customization, product image, edit link, and more). It is a great extension with many features which makes the checkout process much cleaner and simple. I have experienced issues every time I've installed it and had to modify code in one way or another, but all in all GREAT extensions and they should be charging for it!

Basic benefits:

  • Responsive across all devices.

  • Optimized for better user experience.

  • Easy to use: This product is compatible with All Magento store therefore do not worry about it

  • Easy to install via Composer.

Core features:

  • Responsive design: You can use other devices like desktops, laptops, tablets or even more smartphones for convenient shopping everywhere.

  • Support multiple payment methods: Magento One Step checkout extension supports many popular payment methods, such as: Paypal, Paypal pro, Paypal Express, Moneybookers, Sagepay, Check, Credit card…

  • Manage many files in the backend: You can arrange the position of layouts on the page as billing address, shipping address. Moreover, you can select many files in the required fields.

  • Config delivery date: You can set up a time for customers to receive the product in the admin panel.

  • Config survey question: This is a special function to know what your customers are interested in and this data can be used for your marketing campaign. You can configure this function easily in the admin panel.

  • You can choose terms and conditions types: pop-up or page that is suitable with your store.

4. Magento 2 One Step Checkout Extension by MagePlaza


Almost all payment methods are supported in this extension

Another impressive checkout extension, MagePlaza offers more advanced functionalities that seem to go beyond just optimizing the checkout page for faster checkouts.

It introduces a custom success page, customer attribute extension, automatic emails, etc that can help Magento merchants collect more insights into customer behavior and acquisition.

Basic benefits:

  • Almost all payment methods are supported.

  • The module has a 100% Open Source code, so it’s easily customizable.

  • Easy to install.

  • Responsive across all devices.

Advanced features:

  • It has an address suggestion and a Find me function so that customers don’t have to spend too much time entering their address.

  • It comes with built-in analytics, and merchants can track cart abandonment rate, recovery rate, and sent error. Moreover, store owners can send emails to customers about their abandoned carts.

  • You can customize the checkout page with a drag and drop editor.

  • Advanced quick cart: it is a mini cart, wherein customers can see all the checkout page details, and make payments without having to go to the checkout page. They can see the selected items while still browsing on the website.

Pricing: Starts at $199

5. Checkout Suite by iwd

Iwd‘s checkout includes checkout A/B testing

Iwd‘s checkout suite has a fully responsive design and comes with free installation and support. They have improved checkout functionality, and the paid plan includes access to all future updates.

Core features:

  • It includes checkout A/B testing

  • There are address suggestions and Google auto-complete.

  • You can assign store credit to customers.

  • You can offer in-store pickup to your customers, and they can pick up their orders themselves by choosing a nearby store location.

  • There’s address validation, to ensure that the address your customers are entering is deliverable by your carriers.

  • integrations with all major payment methods (PayPal, Amazon Pay, Apple pay, Blue pay, etc).

Pricing: Free plan and $300 p.a

6. Smart One Step Checkout for Magento 2 by Aheadworks

You can customize the checkout page and all its fields 

Aheadworks extension uses a one-column layout on its checkout page to make for a clean design and easy process. It’s extension automatically catches custom theme styles, which is something to look out for.

Basic benefits:

  • Fully responsive across all devices.

  • Clean code that is customizable.

  • Easy to install, and it comes with an installation guide.

Core features:

  • You can customize the checkout page and all its fields.

  • In-built analytics to monitor cart abandonment rates, conversion rates, checkout field completion.

  • Aheadworks also offers store credit, refunds, and reward points.

  • Customers will have the option to enable gift cards and messages.

  • Customers can edit order details and cart items without having to leave the checkout page.

  • Customers can add additional notes at the end of their orders, which can be viewed on the admin panel.

Pricing: Not revealed by the vendor, have to request quotes.

7. Magento One Page Checkout by BSSCommerce

Customers can easily set delivery dates and times and also add further comments related to the order.

BSSCommerce‘s module has a 3-column layout design for its one-page checkout. It’s compatible with all customers as well as third-party Magento 2 themes. It comes with a 1-year free update and support.

Basic benefits:

  • Responsive across all devices.

  • Easy installation.

  • Their code is verified by Magento Marketplace

  • Open Source code that is easily customizable.

Core features:

  • It has Geo IP and Google address suggestions.

  • Customers can easily set delivery dates and times and also add further comments related to the order.

  • It includes all payment methods with trust badges to reduce abandonment due to security issues.

  • It is compatible with extensions like customer attributes so that merchants can gain more customer-related information.

  • Other features like Ajax carts, Gift cards, and newsletter subscription boxes.

Pricing: Starts at $99.

8. Magento 2 One Page Checkout by LandofCoder

This extension integrates Google Maps address suggestion

LandofCoder‘s extension aims to maximize the user experience of both Magento merchants and store customers. Barring analytics, it includes all possible needs and features that any one-step checkout extension might need.

Basic benefits:

  • Responsive across all devices.

  • Compatible across all custom Magento 2 templates.

  • Easy installation.

Core features:

  • It integrates Google Maps address suggestion and Find Me to help customers fill in address details accurately and swiftly.

  • It includes Geo IP that can detect customer IDs (emails, addresses, etc).

  • Customers can set the desired delivery dates.

  • Customers can use social login as well if they aren’t willing to type in long email addresses or other details.

  • There’s an option to add gift cards, coupon codes, newsletter subscription button, etc.

Pricing: starts at $89

9. Magento 2 Custom Checkout Fields Extension by FME

FME Extensions’ module enables you to create additional fields on the checkout page. Gather extra information from your customers by adding custom fields anywhere on your checkout page. This extension is Compatible with both One Page and Multi-Step checkout.

Basic benefits:

  • Verified by Magento Marketplace

  • Developed by Magento Certified Developers

  • Responsive on all devices

  • Easy to install ( comes with a user guide)

Core features:

  • You can create extra fields on the checkout page

  • Add 12 different types of fields

  • Add fields at any checkout step

  • Validate fields data

  • Show order attributes in email & pdf

  • Limit by customer groups & store views

Pricing: $99.99

10. Magento One Page Checkout Extension by MageDelight

It supports order comments and newsletter subscriptions

MageDelight covers all ground when it comes to the basic functionalities required in a one-page checkout extension. However, some advanced features like analytics or GeoIP, etc are missing.

It comes with a lifetime free update and 90 days of free support.

Core features:

  • Customers have the option to include a gift message or a card.

  • Admin can edit the layout of the check-out page using a drag and drop editor. Moreover, they can edit the check-out fields as well.

  • Compatible with all major payment gateway extensions, and other third-party extensions.

  • Customers can edit order details from the checkout page.

  • There’s also an extra fee option available that admin can enable if needed.

  • It supports order comments and newsletter subscriptions.

Pricing: Starts at $149, and additional cost for installation.

5. Why should you choose Responsive Magento One Page Checkout by CMSmart?


 You have a website that sells a huge number of products and everything is working fine. But you have a small problem with a problem in the checkout process and this is maybe not small trouble, you will lose a chance to serve your customer forever. Now, if your site is integrated with Magento One Step Checkout Extensions, your customer will not complain anymore for sure.

 Some companies report that at least 60% of checkouts end without order confirmation. If customers are satisfied with the price, they should go to the checking out process to complete it quickly. Checkout is a final step but it is the most crucial part of online business because many companies lose a lot of money at this step. And it is a reason why you have to integrate this extension into your site.

 Furthermore, when Magento One Step Checkout Extensions is attached to your site with a unique design, it is suitable for all websites.

 Magento One Step Checkout Extension is not only friendly for customers but also easy to set up for administrators. You can configure in the Magento admin panel, arrange layouts, set a default shipping and payment method, auto-update totals with Ajax or mull options for registration, and more as you wish. 

How does it work for shop owners?

One Step Checkout Extension for Magento is not only friendly for customers but also easy to set up for administrators. You can configure in the Magento admin panel, arrange layouts, set a default shipping and payment method, auto-update totals with Ajax or multiple options for registration, and more ... as you wish.

CMSMART also attaches a user guide in a package therefore do not worry if you know a little bit about the technology. Choose 3 options below to install:

  • Option 1: Install system config
  • Option 2: Install Quick Start Packages
  • Option 3: Upload extension via FTP

If you have any problem in the installation process, please read carefully in our user guide for more information, or feel free to contact our support team.

How does it work for clients?

A recent study says that the average customer spends about 2 hours online shopping, but they always feel a lack of time. They spend a lot of time on the checkout process because this step is very complicated for the online buying process. But now do not worry about it, you can complete the checkout process in 2 minutes if that site got a Magento One Step Checkout extension. 

When you add a product to your cart, you have 2 options: update the shopping cart or continue shopping. If you also want to discover a website, please click on the continue shopping button. If you want to checkout immediately, choose the button left and fill in full information like name and dress, shipping method, or delivery date to complete it. One more thing, you can update the number of products on the checkout page without loading the page. Finally, you click on the button to place the order to finish the process.

In conclusion, the tutorial above has summarized the main information to get the best Magento One Page Checkout Extensions for boosting ecommerce sales. If you still have any questions or concerns related to Magento one page checkout , do not hesitate to contact us immediately via the hotline or contact information below to get your answers. And one more time, research rigth now M2 Checkout from CMSMART to get the best service of developing one page checkout extension for your website. 

Or you can directly send a support ticket to the address below to receive direct advice: Link support ticket

Thank you and hope you will have a great day! 


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