The E-commerce ecosystem has become so plentiful with the participation of the big like Magento, WordPress, Dupral. Magento is especially preferred by both small and large businesses. So what would be the future of Magento in 2018? Let’s start with what benefits Magento 2 offers its users:

  • Higher ranking
  • Better SEO support
  • Better security and bugs fixed

In 2018, there are some changes predicted as follow:

1. Better use of UX/UI

Magento 2 will encourage people to use quality web designs to enhance customer experience and increase traffic to websites in 2018. The high-end UI/UX technology at Magento platform will reduce latency, improve store load time, provide easy checkout and increase promotions through blog posts, newsletters and link social media.

2. Better use of analysis

The most important requirement of online shopping is convincing customers and relieving them of any doubt, that’s also the reason why Magento 2 web design trends, in 2018, will include more use of business intelligence so users can identify unique customer needs, their shopping trend and behavioral features, based on which you can customize the discounts and offers..

3. Resurgence of mobile applications

Why do we say resurgence? Despite the explosion of mobile devices, there are still some reasons that make people confused when deciding to buy online via mobile devices or not like some problems related to security issues or UI. Therefore, in 2018, Magento will ensure more responsive mobile applications which can be viewed easily on any screen size and will also offer multichannel shopping options.

4. Super easy techniques

Super easy, that is not exaggerated! In this era, you do not need to be a tech savvy or too good at information technology. Magento 2 extensions and Magento 2 themes, nowadays, are so easy to install and configure. Just some few clicks or a little technical knowledge, users can easily collect customer data and feed into the system.

5. Additional features

Though there are a lot of Content Management Systems (CMS) available in the market these days, Magneto is determined to break through and become the most used open sourced e-commerce platform. From attractive themes, extensions and an ample number of tips, you can either revamp your site completely or create it from the scratch.

6. Enhanced Security

As we have mentioned in several previous posts, besides the convenience of online shopping, there is one risk that consumers have to cope with is security. In 2018, Magento 2 platform will eliminate the risks and convince skeptical customers to buy from your website by providing enhanced security by creating an unparalleled guard for the sites which ensures no issues even when customers share their bank details online. It is promised that your brand value and revenue will be improved significantly in 2018.

The last words,

There will be a lot of change in 2018, it would be a great year for you to explore. You can be confident with the development of business with the supports of Magento 2 platform.