Importance of product image for online store

In both traditional stores and online stores, the product image is always powerful. Product image is what your customer sees at first sight in your store. Product images help customers understand more about the product. It appeals to the attention of visitors and turns them into your potential customers. Over 75% of customers confirm that they make a decision after seeing product images. Bestie, product images can boost your brand. A good product image can promote your brand. The Magento product image could present the product in the best way and more efficiently. This not only enhances revenue but also provides brands leverage over other competitors, resulting in Magento being one of the best eCommerce platforms and favorited among merchants and customers. 

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Default features of Magento product image

  • Placeholder: If your Magento 2 product image is not ready to upload on your eCommerce store, you can add an image as a replacement. This temporary product image is called Placeholder. A different placeholder can be used for each image.

  • Thumbnail: these images appear in the thumbnail gallery, shopping cart, and in related items blocks.

  • Small Image: It appears in search results and in the product listing.  For the sections like cross-cells, up-cells and in the new product list

  • Base Image: It is the main product image 

  • Media Image: These images are optional and these additional images can be associated with the main product image like logo, care instructions,

7 Tips to optimize Magento 2 product image

product image

If you optimize the product image, the results have:

  • Increase in sales 

  • Increase the speeds for your site 

  • Improve the website's usability and performance 

  • Improve SEO 

Follow some tips and tricks that can be followed to optimize the Magento product image and get the best outcomes.

Select the best image

When uploading a product image, don’t forget to choose the best and high-quality image for your product. Select JPEG (or .jpg) for your product image file type. Because it has a lot of great qualities like it can be compressed without size reduction and compromise of the quality. JPEG images, without becoming massive files, can also show great details.

Image swap

Image swap is a process that helps to improve customer experience. It means when a customer hovers over the product image, it will be automatically turned to the next picture. This feature can be used to show different sides of the product, giving the customers a more detailed view of the product. Magento 2 also gives the opportunity for admins to animate the swap, which can result in more attraction for the customer. 

Image zooming

You can let your customer see the details of the product by enabling the zooming feature. Magento2 product image features can add image zoom magnifier features which are available in different types.

For instance, the lightbox preview can be displayed in a full-size window or customized with different transition effects and navigation styles. For mobile users, a mobile-friendly image zooming style can be selected. Integrate this module to bring a detailed look at your product to customers and help them make purchase decisions more easily.

Product label

product image

You can add different label types to any product like “ Sale”, “ Out of stock”, “ New Arrival”. This product label makes your product more eye-catching and works as an effective marketing tactic to draw more customer attention. This feature in Magento 2 also provides the ability to add image labels to product listings. You can position the label on the product image anywhere you want. Come with our Magento Product Labels Extension is good for you to work for eCommerce. You can see a demo to know more.

Color swatch (Magento default)

Color is powerful and meets the customer's expectations. Magento 2 allows its merchants to add color swatches in the product page or product listing.

Magento product image features provide the facility of choosing between text-based swatches (if an image is not available for the swatch, the attribute value appears as text) or swatches in layered navigation.

Color can be indicated by text swatch, visual swatch, or drop-down input control. When the Swatch is chosen, they are synchronized to display the corresponding product image.

360-degree product viewer


product image

You can view 3D products and integrate advanced 350 degrees from 360 product viewer extension.  It is built for real business. You have import image into the software, apply edits and hit publish to get the  final 360-degree image as Magento product Image

Product animated GIF image

It is a better description of products through GIF images. Because Magento 2 product images don’t let the resizing of the GIF image lose its animation.

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As you can see, your product images are undoubtedly one of the most important factors when posting your products online. This is especially true why you want to make sure your images are as strong as possible to showcase your amazing products and brand.