Magento platform has provided more and more outstanding array of tools to online retailers in the hope of compete with other competitors. Nowadays, apart from free extension, Magento’ community edition increasingly provides paid extensions at advanced features.

We hereby introduce some ecommerce Magento extensions form CMSMART that we believe will catch up the shop owners’ demands but still appeal to customers.

Magento Color Swatch Extension with Zoom

This extension displays color swatches or color switchers on the product details page by replacing drop-down custom options.

Magento Color Swatch shows attributes of products using swatches on configurable products. You are able to use it for any attribute type such as color, size, and thumbnail images. Magento Color Swatch works well on simple products as well as configurable ones. Moreover, Magento Color Swatch extension with zoom allows administrators to apply multiple attributes into a single product which has different swatch images.

Magento Social Login Extension

Keep in touch with every customer is very essential to retain their interest in your store and products. This extension utilizes a huge number of social accounts to create a much easier gate accessing to online stores. This e-commerce Magento extension has reached a closer approach to online clients. There is no need for too much complicated register steps bringing a fast-paced solution to access to your web’s store.

Magento Ajax Cart Pro

When use Magento, Add-to-cart process is sometimes a weakness, the page has to be reloaded when shoppers add, edit or remove products in their cart. This long process annoys shoppers, reducing their user friendly experience and affecting sale volume. Now, Ajax Cart Pro, with the ability to offer the option to either ‘proceed to the checkout’ or ‘continue shopping’ it is adding to the customer service level we are aiming for.

Magento Mega Menu

Magento Mega Menu extension is an improvement allowing both customers and shop’s owners many attributes flexibly to optimize website navigation performance.

This extension organizes products and categories in an excellent way as your desire.

If you are seeking a way to improve usability and navigation on your online stores, Magento Mega Menu is exactly what you look for.

Magento Order Upload Extension

Magento Order Upload let shoppers upload files or bind images directly into the product detail page, or upload different images into different products before “add to cart”.

Magento Order Upload extension is often used on printing company websites which allows clients to upload images or their designs if they want to place orders for printing services. This extension is a web-to-print solution built in Magento platform.

Magento One Step CheckOut Extension

One Step Checkout means that now administrators can reduce checkout process from 6 steps into 1 step only. This ecommerce Magento extension allows all checkout steps in one page with no hack, 100% AJAX, automatically update items in cart and delivery time configuration. This extension is essential for every web store due to its benefits both for customers and shoppers.

Magento Ajax Search Autocomplete And Suggest

Magento Ajax Search Autocomplete and Suggest is the most flexible way to add an attractive Ajax powered quick search. Ajax technology is applied in this extension to simplify the loading process and give customers instant search result. Customers now can do searching by category, by attributes or by suggested terms. In terms of administrators, they will be easy in customize pop up skin, highlight texts and products thumbnails.

In general, to get a stunning and informative website to customers, you need to choose the e-commerce Magento extensions that suit your needs and do not forget to upgrade website regularly to achieve the best result and CMSMART team are always available to help you.

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