Today, online transactions are becoming more prevalent and owning an e-commerce site is almost mandatory for businesses. A good website will help you reach the finish line of success faster. So what do you need to do to follow a good website?

Before discussing the above issue, we recently received a lot of questions about managers who have difficulty managing human resources as well as managing customers. Many cases of errors and mistakes have occurred, affecting operations, controlling business results.

Understanding that CMSmart has upgraded its products with excellent CRM features. It will solve all the difficulties you are having. And the content of today's article will focus more on analyzing Printmart Solution's CRM.

First, what is CRM?

CRM is a feature that we created to help managers approach, communicate, manage customer information in the best way. At the same time, the smart order management process will make you surprised when you first experience. Your job is to monitor and analyze business performance based on statistics. And do not forget to build a number of potential customer data and make appropriate exploitation policies for those customers. You will see the great effect of CRM.

And the main function of the CRM Printmart Solution is to synchronize the Magento database. With Vtiger CRM Extension, the store owner can synchronize data immediately from the Magento website to Vtiger CRM System and vice versa.

Some Printmart Solution CRM features.

  • Synchronize data from Magento site to Vtiger CRM immediately

Customer account information, product catalog and order information will be automatically synced between Vtiger CRM and Magento store. From this data, it can accurately analyze customer information from which you can create a report to generate revenue.

  • Synchronize Vtiger customers

Allow synchronization and update customer data from Magento store to Vtiger CRM Contacts and vice versa.

  • Synchronize orders Vtiger

Automatically transfer orders from Magento store to Vtiger CRM Sales Orders as soon as orders are created at the Magento store. Especially Magento Vtiger CRM Sync will automatically get the order information to enter the Vtiger CRM Sales Order.

  • Synchronize Vtiger products

Allow syncing and updating Products (Product Catalog & Product Catalog) from Magento store to Vtiger CRM Products and vice versa.

  • Support 2 synchronization methods

There are 2 ways to synchronize data: "manual synchronization" and "automatic synchronization". With "automatic synchronization", you can automatically synchronize data by frequency and time (daily, weekly or monthly). As for "manual synchronization", you must select the data to import or export and click the "Start syncing" button to synchronize data.

Above is an article introducing the CRM Printmart Solution. Hope we have provided many interesting things for you. If you have any questions, feel free to feedback here. I and colleagues are willing to support you.

If you want to know more about Magento Printmart Package, you can watch the below video:

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