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Web to print is a marketing collateral management technology that attends the whole print process from order entry to delivery. Not only providing an automated printing process but also accounting proficiency and reporting to be able to make up a complete print management system.

With Magento PrintMart of CMSmart, we bring you a solution which not only increases revenue but also reduces your costs. With Hot Printing feature of MGA 2.X, we have 11 notable features.

1.Color Swatch

Color Swatch is a perfect solution for the configurable products to show customers the diversity of colors, patterns or designs of your products. If your E-Commerce website carries products that come in various colors, your visitors would feel the same way you do in the scenario above if your website does not have the color swatch feature.

2.Product Zoom

For online purchases, all customers are interested in product details. Product Zoom is an important feature for merchants, allowing buyers to enlarge product photos for better viewing. It also makes your product more legit

3.Related Product

Related product

Magento related products will help you to generate related products in category. Customers can click on any related product in product detail. This feature will help your eCommerce website push sale very well

4.Frequently Bought Together 

Frequently Bought Together is the best way to get your products matched up with others that serve a similar purpose. Venders can use this feature to boost their brand’s exposure, especially when they team up with other popular sellers in their industry. Your suggestions might provide you a highly targeted advertising. It also allows for saving a lot of time.

5.Bundle Products

Bundle products are almost equal to Grouped products. However, with Bundle you can add all the options that you want and your purchaser will be able to choose from these options to customize the product. Bundling can rising average order value, by selling more without incurring higher transaction costs.

6.Most Popular Product

Most Popular

This extension can list your online store's most popular products on sidebars. It will allow you to configure your popular product on your store at back-end. Therefore, you can increase awareness for your product and up-sale it.

7.Delivery Date

Delivery date

With Delivery Date, you’ll provide flexibility and enhanced shopping experience to your online shoppers. This extension will provide purchaser the facility to choose their desired delivery date and time for their orders at the time of selecting shipping method. They can add their comments when selecting the delivery date. Moreover, the selected delivery day, date and time are available in order description, invoice, and shipment. The delivery date chosen by the customer will be seeable to the store owner on the order view.

8.Shipping Cost Calculator 

After customers choosing the product that they contentment, they will consider about the shipping cost. Nobody wants to spend too much money on shipping fees. Therefore, you need to have Shipping Cost Calculator extension for your eCommerce website. You can customize some information of the form to be suitable for your website as tittle of "Calculator Shipping" right in back-end. In addition to some useful tools that'll help you calculate costs in a click.

9.Price Matrix

Price martrix

This extension will allow you to display the pricing tab on the product detail sites. With the final prices after combining many specificities of products together. When customers make the purchase decision, they often wonder how much they have to pay for a product with many different and complicated attributes which combine together. It is the best solution for this problem and it shows the final price on the product detail page. You don’t need to waste your time on each attribute of the product to get the final price anymore.

10.Order Upload 

Order Upload helps your customers upload or attach their files quickly without doing any hacks to core Magento files. Customers can attach photos/imagine or upload files directly into each product on the product details page when they place an order for this product. This extension adapts with all devices like: desktop, tablet and mobile.

11.Online Design

An online design extension is a powerful tool for customizing T-shirt, Business cards, Smartphone & tablet cases, Pillows... The most special thing about online printing is that customers can design their own products. Everyone likes to own unique items. Therefore, let’s invest a website equipped with online design tools for your customers. Your purchaser satisfaction will increase when they own unique things.

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