Regardless of how many ecommerce platforms available in the market, Magento is still the most famous one. This a feature-rich platform and offers an unmatched flexibility to the users where they can manage the content, functionality, and layout of their eCommerce store. When version Magento 2 was released, it was like a storm. The reasons are:


1. Performance parameters enhancement


Magento 2 is an upgraded version that will reduce the load on the server and increases user interaction. Some major parameters that were already improved are:

    • Ajax cart: use JavaScript so consumers can add products to cart without reloading the entire page. Because it does not require to load on the hardware so no time for waiting and generate a more responsive experience for shoppers.


    • PHP 7: PHP 7 will provide enhanced performance and superior loading in comparison to the older PHP versions.


    • Cache: Varnish cache and HTTP accelerator are used for Magento 2 version so web owner can edit any product information without worrying about data conflict.


    • Hosting: Magento 2 was released with various new features and web owners can distribute the demand on your hosting infrastructure over multiple servers.

2. Simplify checkout process


I don’t talk about the website that already integrated Magento one step checkout extension, I focus on the default check out process of Magento 1 and Magento 2. With Magento 1, checkout process includes 6 steps for checkout method, billing information, shipping information, shipping method, shipping information, payment information and the order review. And one irritating thing is you can’t skip any steps in that process. Magento 2 only requires 2 steps for checkout process, one for shipping and the other for review and payment. It also allows a guest checkout option. This eradicates the need for login or registration and speeds up the process for users.


3. Index and Toolkit improvement


Magento 2 version will increase the query performance speed. In short, for any business owners, indexing is so important strategy that increases query processing speed and performance and transforms merchant data: Some improvement toolkit you can find in Magento 2 version:

    • Efficient backend operation


    • Faster delivery


    • More server response time for all website activities


    • Handle peak loads


    • Performance widgets to create test scripts

4. More highly compatible


With magento 2 version, it is so easy for you to integrate data, third party tools, web and cloud services without any conflict. Magento 2 also offers compatibility with the latest PHP frameworks like Zend and others. It also works well with major databases like Hadoop, Oracle and MySQL. Also, as Magento 2 has a jQuery library as its default JavaScript library, jQuery and Prototype conflicts don’t occur. Read more information about Magento 2 extensions, go to: