Besides the traditional marketing that is usually considered as the basic method, another form appears that is online marketing. Any business that gets the product or service to market can perceive that online marketing can make a major change in their growing process. One outstanding aspect of online marketing is using videos to approach potential customers and promote website traffic. At the end of 2017, video made up 69% of all consumer internet traffic. This three times increase comes from the demands of users because of videos’ wonderful features, they contain moving images and words. Now, video is the future of content marketing, they are used for not only conveying messages but also entertaining. Moreover, in the technology age, creating an interesting video does not require special skills or technical knowledge, you can produce a video in an easy way and less cost than you thought before. And, here are the ten great tips for your website with Magento product video extension:

Using PowerPoint or KeyNote

That will be great if you hold Final Cut or Adobe in your hands, but if you only have PowerPoint or KeyNote, it is still good to create a high-quality video. You can totally start with a presentation made by a PowerPoint (Windows) or KeyNote (Mac). Moreover, you can add more interesting factors to make sure that it is attractive enough to everyone.

Creating a Fun Tutorial

People will quickly feel boring and obsessive if they listening to an arid and dull tutorial. Besides conveying information aims, your tutorial also should be funny and interesting, it can arouse the enthusiasm of people. Your customers will be totally satisfied with the entirely different experience you offer.

Making a Lecture or Class Available Online

Not all people can come and join offline class due to time as well as distance problems. It is in the Internet era, why don’t you make these lectures or classes available online? If you do that, a relational connection will be built when users put your company name with an actual human face.Udemy and Teachable are the suggested options if you desire to make a full class online.

Be Trendy

Your effort may equal zero if it does not catch up with the trend. A business can be from anonymity to fame thanks to trendy videos. You can search some certain styles of video, gifs, or memes that are popular and take advantages of them.

Making a Parody

Creating a parody of a popular video is recently considers as the wonderful way to market your brand. Besides mimicking these video, you can put some of your own characteristics into parody videos to increase recognizable.

Demonstrating Your Product

Although how much effort you put into your video to create excitement and originality, never forget the final aim that is selling products. Let’s pay more attention to demonstrate your products.

Using the Power of Emotion

You should bring people a strong feeling about your brand or product by a motivational speech that personalizes your brand or using a silent montage.

Using Art and Music

Video is different from other types because of artistic aesthetic and music and animation is one of the great choices. You can hire a freelance artist to finish your videos. Besides that, you can add a catchy tune or good song to get visitors’ attention. Many freelance musicians are available to help you deal with this task.

Be Provocative

Depending on the demands, you can use a hot-button issue to approach your potential customers. While not all business can apply them smoothly, why don’t you be the first one standing out in this way?

Responding to Your Audience

Let’s make your visitors feel that their involvements play an important role by allowing visitors’ feedbacks as a jumping off point for a video.

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