Online Appointment Management Software is becoming the must-have feature for any business, especially for Salon or Spa. An online appointment system will maintain optimal business management and save your time. Using  WooCommerce Event Ticket & Calendar - which helps you manage your business easily and quickly.

Here are 10 reasons why you should use an online appointment management system:


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One of the big mission of online appointment booking is to create services that save you time. It saves you hours of time by providing instant reporting on your entire business such as instant cash-up, revenue, commission reports, revenue, and debtors

24 hours convenience

With the traditional booking, you need people to schedule an appointment and your staff has to work round the clock on the phone booking. With an online appointment management system, your customers can make an appointment at any time. It is seen that more than 55 % of people to make an appointment through the online appointment management system after business hours.


An online appointment management system is a way you save your client information, appointments, and payment records effectively. If you save this information in a folder filed, it may be gets lost or stolen. Having your client information, appointment and account history with an online appointment management system. Because is cloud-based, simply log in from a different device and all of your data is there, ready for you to carry on servicing your clients.

Online Payment:

Every service needs a secure payment system. With online payments, people find comfortable because of safety.  Offering a free consultation or discounts on consultation charges within the restricted period after the initial consultation encourages the individual patients to make use of the online appointment management system every time to make an appointment.

Making the workflow perfect, enhancing data reporting and capturing, improving efficiency and time savings, providing the customer with significant convenience and choice, thereby enhancing customer loyalty and trust are some important advantages of an online appointment management system.


No one wants their business to look messy for a client? You want to create a professional atmosphere that is beautiful and serene. Bulky appointment books that have been scribbled in by every therapist look untidy and conflicts with the atmosphere you are trying to create. Presently envision having the option to have the entirety of this on a solitary tablet which can be kept in a cabinet or showed for your customers to perceive how truly you take your business. Your clients will be impressed with your professional consideration of their personal information.

Appointment Reminders

Don’t you hate when a client forgets about their appointment or gets the time or date wrong? How long do you go through consistently physically experiencing your arrangement book and conveying updates just with the goal that your customers will make sure to come for the treatment they booked in any case? Appointment reminders are now commonplace in the appointment industry and are expected by clients. 

24/7 Availability

online appointment

One of the big advantages of an online booking system is that they allow customers to place their booking at a time. It is convenient for them. Using an online appointment management system, they can make an appointment at any time. Customers are much more likely to schedule an appointment. Offer your customers an online appointment management system that is always open for your business.  You easily increase your number of bookings.

Prevents over bookings, double bookings and reduces ‘no-shows’

Over-bookings and double bookings happen all the time. Somebody may forget to write down a client’s arrangement that you can squeeze in an additional appointment after your standard working hours. Sometimes clients call you on your cell phone and you forget to write it down in the appointment book when you get into work the next day. These things happen. An appointment management system lets you set your working hours for each day and clearly mark you as ‘not working’ during your unavailable hours.

Reduces Errors

An appointment management system was designed to limit the many errors. With accurate user roles and logging, you can set limits to what staff members are able to do and see in the system. Instantly see who made an appointment. With unlimited, 24/7 support, our dedicated staff can provide personalized training to you and your staff, ensuring that your business runs smoothly.

Save money

The automation process will help you to spend less time on admin and more time on other important tasks. As opposed to paying commission to an outer booking entrance each time a client puts a booking, you will just compensation the permit cost for your product and not a penny more. By having your own online appointment management system, you can cut out your staffs

A number of automated process by the software including

  • Checking your availability to avoid double bookings

  • Collecting customer information

  • Sending out emails to confirm the booking

  • Updating availability after booking has been made

Increase profits

Putting resources into an online arrangement the executives framework will demonstrate to offer a brilliant degree of profitability, as not exclusively will it help you to expand the number of appointments you take, yet in addition permit you to make a higher benefit on your arrangements.

The extraordinary thing about making an appointment is that they can also be used to upsell your products or services, advertising things like add-ons and extras to customers. These may be things that your staff would forget to mention if they were making a booking over the phone during a busy period. Customers are additionally bound to redesign their booking and purchase additional items in the event that they can do it on the web, as they will have more opportunity to settle on their choice.


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