This new function has not been discovered by other Magento 2 Providers while you can enjoy and understand the benefits of the module right after installing it for your web-store. More details as the following:

Are you looking for a module that helps customers have the final price of each item when they do shopping on your site? Then, you can try the tool named Price Matrix. As you may know, Magento 2 has been improved and become as one of the leading platform on the Market now. Magento 2 solution providers, as the result, always update and create extensions with new and useful functions, completing Magento 2 store in any fields from fashion, car, and furniture to printing industry. For both of these reasons, Magento 2 Price Matrix extension has been released with an awesome feature. This tool will add an additional power of saving more loyal customers as well as promoting user-experience of your e-business.

At first, Magento 2 Price Matrix extension is a calculation tool for customers when they want to know how much should be paid for a product with various and complicated attributes on your store. Just via a Price Matrix after a click, a table will show the final price right on the product detail page without time of waiting and page uploading.

In order to have it work on your store, you can take 4 steps as below:

  • Complete the installation of the Magento 2 Price Matrix extension as the user-guide
  • Create the Price matrix table for each product in back-end with 2 options
  • Configure the module as you with
  • Go to Front-end to view what you have done


This new function has not been discovered by other Magento 2 Providers while you can enjoy and understand the benefits of the module right after installing it for your web-store. More details as the following:

For Customers: With the module, they are able to

  • Have the final price corresponding with any selection of products when they go to the Product Page. By displaying the customization options of items as the Matrix table and correlative prices, shop owners save much time for customers to do shopping online.
  • Complete the Price calculation via just a click. Moreover, they can access your Price Matrix on any devices like their smart phone, table or laptop because the module is totally responsive.

For Shop Owner: With the module you are able to:

  • Create and manage options or option group for any product, customize the product price according to each attributes. Also, you can display them as horizontal or vertical as you wish.
  • Adjust attributes like color, quantity, size, and material of each product.
  • Replace custom option tab of Magento Core by price matrix table.
  • Customize colors of price matrix table as Background title option, text title and Text select item to suit for your web-store.
  • Get easy installation and configuration. Improve your user-experience and increase traffic as well as loyal audiences.

Outstanding Features of Magento 2 Price Matrix extension:

The Price Matrix table is displayed right on the Product page of every item, thus, customers are able to easily complete their online purchasing within some seconds. More importantly, users do not need to waste time on each attribute of the product to get the final number. The one thing they have to do is click on Add to Cart button and go to the Checkout page.
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With regard advanced features in backend of the module, Magento 2 price matrix extension totally supports your admin panel with simple steps.

  • You can create the price matrix table for each product and let it displayed on each product page. And certainly, the price matrix table of each product is created by combining options price of product attributes in the back end.
  • You have four Options of Price matrix table to display on the Product page in frond-end, depending much on the attributes of the products. Also, it is totally possible to display in vertical/horizontal for created attributes



  • When it comes to Quanity attribute, the module allows you to create the individual price rule, and it can be calculated corresponding to quantity ranges.



  • Right in the back-end, you can enter the price simply and the price must be greater than or equal to the base price of the product. You do not have to worry about editing the matrix table because you are able to easily add/remove the attribute, add/remove attribute value, change position of the attribute or even change price in the price matrix table. Plus, any change in the back-end can be pre-shown and allow you to preview price matrix in back-end after configuration.
  • Color customization is also important for your web-store? No worries, because it is easy for you to customize colors of the price matrix table as Background Title option, Color text Title and Text Select Item Color to meet your website’s requirements.



  • As the introduction above, you just take 4 steps to complete installing and configuring the module for your site. And the last but not less important, the Magento 2 Price Matrix extension is compatible with any theme of Magento 2, ensuring to make your web-store more professional and attractive.

Nowhere can you find a better module than here. Just take a minute of discovering the demo first. You will be interested in the module and want to install it for your customers to enjoy.