In today's marketing landscape, the website has become a part of business important than ever. Your website will be a 24/7 salesman. It is the most powerful tool and the centerpiece of your marketing efforts. Did you have a website for your company? Do you want to enhance your web and look for more potential customers? Selecting a theme that can be easily customized is not to be missed. WordPress Marketplace theme is such a great theme. In this article, I will tell you How to Configure Element Style With WordPress Multistore Theme? with WordPress Marketplace theme, you change easily many elements for many features to enhance your website. Let's begin!

Configure element Style with some basic step:

Go to backend - Element - edit title section, button

1. Edit title section

  • Show title section or none
  • Show home page title: If you turn this off, it will not display the title section for the only home page
  • Font Size: The unit of calculation is in px (pixel)
  • Padding top and bottom: The padding is space around an element's content, inside of any defined borders. Padding top and bottom will edit distance of the title content with top and bottom of title space
  • Image Background: You can add a beautiful image for your title background

2. Edit button

  • Padding left and right.
  • Border-radius
  • Border-width

They all have a pixel calculation unit

So, with the Configure element style feature in WordPress Multistore Theme, you can edit easily title and button in your website. Above are some images and my intro about How to Configure Element Style With WordPress Multistore Theme. I hope this article has brought you some useful information. You can try this product at WordPress Marketplace Demo. If you have any questions about the product, please contact us at Ticket support. We are willing to answer your questions. Remembering to use coupon code MAR_DL to get 18% discount for this item. Thank you for reading and keep following us to get more information in the next article! Bye, See you soon!

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