Sometimes, logos and icons are likely to look alike. So, several people may think that icons and logos do not have many differences at first glance. Or there is sometimes a little confusion about the key differences between icons and logos. Lastly, people can use not only logos but also icons to represent something. This mistake in understanding can make them use icons and logos wrongly. Almost consider that icons are like logos and they can be one in some cases. However, we can confirm that they cannot be interchangeable. 

The usage purposes of icons and logos are diverse. Each of them serves a certain purpose. Therefore, the ideal way to distinguish amateurs and experts is by testing how they use logos and icons. Experts will know the purpose of each kind and how to apply it in certain cases. The question “What are the key differences between icons and logos?” is an interesting question. Nevertheless, amateurs do not know how to answer it although they might have heard it many times. So, if you are an amateur and you do not understand clearly, you need an explanation. 

Let’s find the explanation with CMSmart to know how to use logos and icons basically!

How do you understand about icons?

Icons are used the most on mobile phone applications belonging to browsers. So, what is an icon? It is a kind of intuitive representation of an action or concept. It is the symbol that was born a long time ago. However, it has become the most glorious since UX – UI develops. The bright candidate for the most effective icons is the one about the Itune app of Apple.

Icons help us realize and understand concepts by only graphic design icons instead of long work. They can be used to illustrate the whole application or separated operations in that application. To connect our understandings about practical use, we should use icons.

Restrictions of the system of showing icons and technical sizes can affect icons quite much. Most of the icons are always designed proportionally in specific dimensions. In this way, they are appropriate to square application icon size or supply consistency when you design actions on the website. They are often super small.

Icons will generate an immediate understanding of the meaning that businesses, creators, or websites want to show when everybody looks at them. The meaning of icons is summarizing an operation or action artfully and conveying abstract ideas. Generally, they represent what is being provided. They help viewers generate quick connections and simplify thinking. 

To understand more clearly about icons and the way to apply them, you can refer to this tool: Wordpress online design plugin and Demo

Business technology icons


What are the features of logos?

What is a logo? A logo is an image describing the brand’s orientation fully and having its own aesthetic. Additionally, it can connect emotions with customers of that brand. A logo can be only a word, a symbol or include both. It is often the formula for a strong intuitive brand identity: Logo = emblem + wordmark. When you use not only emblem but also wordmark to build a logo, one of these two factors can be used separately but are not a logo brand.

In the rankings of the most successful logos of Forbes, the logo design of Apple still, be at the number 1 position. Only a “not intact” apple is enough to contain many meaningful stories and attract clients without using any computer images to symbolize the digital technology industry of Apple. Generally, logos need to be designed with simple form and shape to stay in the hearts of customers, attain the high memorability from customers for a long time, and build the brand pride.

Users can use logos on 100-meter banners with any colors, shapes, or sizes. Logos include graphic elements like kinds of letters that are arranged carefully or hieroglyphs. They will create a brand together.

A logo that is easy for users to remember, simple, flexible, timeless, and appropriate is an efficient logo because it is the face or symbol of an organization. It helps viewers build the connection between a business and its products as well as helps to form relationships. It can promote emotions related to the brand’s cultural meaning and customer service quality. Moreover, it inspires immediate recognition of the business core value, brand, service, and products. The logo conveys messages much more than you can imagine. It is a strong representation of your company.

What makes a truly effective logo: 

In general, both logos and icons inform, supply direction for viewers, and praise the brand mission. If they exist in brand identity, they can work harmonically with each other. However, there are still key differences between icons and logos

What is the difference between icons and logos?

  • Icons convey orientation and information. Logos convey the brand’s message.
  • Icons accompanying logos will bring the function of impulse and support.
  • Icons are used to simplify experiences for users.
  • Logo designs have more free space than icon design.
  • Dimension: Logos base on the vector. And because we need to use logos in different documents related to organizations they represent such as business cards, leaflets, banner, website, etc; logos can be zoomed out to any dimensions without decreasing the quality. Additionally, logos can be set on various foundations. Meanwhile, icons are often at 512x512 or 16x16 forms. Icons have a minimum size and a limit about pixels. Icon quality can decrease if you change the size. If you need another size, you have to remake icons. Every size of icons is adjusted independently as they are required to be specific sizes. They have a way to reach that is different from logos. This means that a final icon is a package consisting of many images that are adjusted for diverse dimensions. Logos are zoomed out freely. This is implemented in the way of bringing clarity at any dimension. Designers use logos in cases of diverse sizes. In other words, logos are very flexible.
  • Shape: Shape is also one of the key differences between icons and logos. Logo design enables you to be more creative than icon design. The reason is that logos do not have shape limits while icons are created to consider technical requirements of the application which they are created for and fit with squares.
  • Logos concentrate on projecting the brand they represent. On the other hand, icons concentrate on the notification and directing.

Never forget considering technical requirements and just ask yourself which goal you need to design for if you find that you are confusing between logos and icons! About the technical field, logos are different from icons totally though several logos make it more distinguishable by using an icon.

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