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How to make your blog or magazine stand out among other websites? Your design needs to be unique enough to make a difference. You need easily share this post via the various social sharing buttons on your blog. Special, you need to design your awesome blog page with many styles and layouts that attracting readers. So, with a WordPress marketplace website, how to setting Blog Category Layouts? Here we go.

Setting Blog Category Layouts:

Go to the backend -> Blog -> edit Layout, …. You can see 3 main part:

Part 1: Layout

Setting Sidebar position:

A sidebar is an area on the left or right of your web page where you can place other contents compare to the main content of the page. A sidebar is a full-length column that runs alongside the main content section to the bottom of the page just above the footer area. You can have a single sidebar, one on each side, or none side.

Role of Sidebars:

  • An area to display secondary content
  • It helps connect with his readers and build a loyal community.
  • A sidebar is also a great place for “secondary” navigation or menu elements
  • Engage visitors and keep them reading

In the below image, we have three choices: sidebar on the left, none sidebar, and sidebar on the right.

Blog Width: The perfect width is between 480 and 600 pixels.

Part 2: Post Meta

With this feature, you can show:

  • Date: It displays the date a post was published.
  • Times to read: It displays the number of times the article has been read or views.
  • Author: It displays the author of this post.
  • Category: It displays the tags or categories of this post.

Part 3: Other

  • Sticky sidebar: your sidebar stick on-page or none. It does not re-calculate all dimensions when scrolling, just necessary dimensions.
  • Meta Align: your text will have position: Align Left, Center, Align Right.

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