Just seeing if anyone else has found a solution to this big issue,

when you use the following settings, hide add to cart and separate artwork buttons


1. if the user uses edit options from the cart ,it takes them back to the product page to edit their options, however there is no thumbnail of the artwork and also if they have uploaded artwork it shows the upload artwork button and the artwork does not show in that, so the user assumes its been deleted, and they have to upload or design again

2. if the hide add to cart button is selected there is no update button unless they do re-upload the artwork


So now every time my customers go to edit their options after adding to cart the first thing they do is contact our support team to say their artwork has been deleted, which it has not but it looks like this or they say there is no update button (if hide add to cart is hidden and the did not upload artwork or use the design tool again)

I have de-selected the hide add to cart button but now my issue is customers dont upload artwork and just press add to cart and checkout without uploading anything, and then they email in after and there isn't even anyway to upload this to the order


this is very very confusing for customers, and I was seeing if anyone in the community has a solution because I have spoken to support, and unfortunately they have no solution for this