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Frame tool

good afternoon   After further analyzing the application I found a problem.   When the customer intends to use the new Frame tool. The client clicks upload photo and the image is immediately sent to the drawing plane, then it has to be deleted in order to replace it.   It is some way that when loading the image it does not go to the drawing plane.   thanks
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replace image button

how can i use replace image button because by clicking the button it sends me to the upload area then I click on the image but it does not change the current image   thanks
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design guideline files

How do I display the 'design guideline files' on the product page?
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Our Premium version for support and update have expired. We are considering renewing soon but we don't need it at the moment since we have less than 5 products. How come on our Online Designer site at http://www.gracecomputer.tv/en/design-online/ Only 3 Online Design Products are currently functioning Real Estate SignDisplay BoardT-Shirt As I know, the Lite Version is up to 5 products and that is also what the notice says on the top after our Premium expired. but Business CardRetractable...
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auto upload image

Good Morning I wonder if there is any way to create a link in a template for the customer by clicking on the screen on a serta pre-defined image go directly to the image menu thanks
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trial version of the Online Product Designer Plugin

HiI am interested in the Online Product Designer Plugin. But I am not sure if it will work for my ecommernce website. Do you have a free trial version?Thanks.
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Setting Default Design Options

When on the front-end of the website I set printing options to be front and back. I tried setting front as the default option in the back-end under Printing Option > Sides/Pages, but setting a default still leaves both selected on the front. Could someone please help me with this? Thanks!
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NBDesigner print original file they submit

Is it possible to download the exact file that is uploaded? Someone said the files keep coming out too small and they're unable to print on shirts.
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Line tool.

is it possible to create a single straight line with the designer? all I can see is a rectangle tool but it doesn’t make a single line.
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Importing psd template

Hi. Question related to NB Designer. I want to know, if is it possible to import psd/cdr/ai ready design as a template with all layers. Not to create template in nb designer with every layer, just upload a ready file and get template. Thank you in advance.   
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NBDesigner Too Small

Hi there, I'm using the NBDesigner plugin in WordPress. I absolutely love it, but we're using it to print designs onto shirts. Our issue is when we try to print the design to print on the shirt. It comes out very small (about 500px wide) when it should be a full width logo on a shirt. Could you help me figure this out? Thanks!Cory
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problema immagine prodotto

Buongiorno, ho installato il vostro plugin e l'ho configurato.Ho attivato la personalizzazione su un prodotto, una t-shirt, nel momento in cui si clicca su "start design" la pagina si apre correttamente, unico problema è che nell'area design non compare il modello della t-shirt presente sul sito... potete aiutarmi a capire il motivo?E' una limitazione della versione free del vostro plugin?GrazieMaria
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Still doesn't work properly

I've had this plugin for almost a year and it still is lacking functionality to work from A to Z. The problems usually are that customer designs are displayed differently when downloaded as a PDF file. This makes the plugin pretty unreliable, because if we print something that doesn't look like the customer design we get blamed by our customers.
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handling costs

Hi, this is a pre-purchase question: is it possible to add handling costs to a print option? I mean that I need to add a fixed cost to the price of the product x number of products: "handling cost" + ("quantity of product" x "product price")   Thank you, Andrea
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Getting redirected to home when creating/editing templates

I'm getting redirected to home when creating/editing templates. This makes it impossible for me to create and edit templates for all my products. How can I fix this?
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2019, Oct 07

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