Online Product Designer Plugin for WooCommerce WordPress

Setting a custom designing size

Is it possible to allow customers to set the size when designing their own products?

For example, an artist canvas have A0/A1/A2/A3/A4. How would the administrator allow the customer to choose the different canvas size within a single product? I do not wish to create 5 same products because they are of different sizes. Is there a workaround?

Pre-Sales Qtn

Hi - is the Plugin compatible with 'Porto Wordpress E-Commerce Theme' ?

Reason for asking, I have used Porto for a E-Commerce Project & very happy with it.


Thanks in Advance.

Print option

Is anyone else having problems with the print option?

This appears also to be a problem on the demo site of nb designer. The print fields aren't displayed on the site.



Unsplash image quality problem

I guess my most recent comment about this was deleted.

When designing a poster I tried to import a picture from Unsplash directly. Unfortunately the images imported from Unsplash are compressed. After I exported it to a PDF it didn't give me 300DPI but only 33DPI.

I tried downloading the same image from Unsplash's website and uploaded the image into the design editor. I got an error saying the image was too low in resolution which wasn't true. I removed the restriction in settings and tried again uploading the image. The image I uploaded finally had the right size, also when i exported the image to a PDF file.

Please consider fixing the Unsplash images feature. It should be simple enough to pull the original images from Unsplash into the design editor and not a compressed image that would look terrible on a printed poster.        

Skype / TeamViewer support

I was wondering if it's possible to do a Skype/TeamViewer support meeting?


I've entered printing options and enabled it for my product just like the video guide shows (I also applied it to the specific product). I just can't see any of the fields I've made on the product site. These fields are Quantity, Custom Dimension, Orientation etc.

Is there a problem with the printing options on the current version?

I actually hope there is a problem because I've pretty much tried everything and it still doesn't work.

Illustrator to the Product Designer



Is it possible to upload a AI-file to the NBDesigner? And how?

- The uploaded file have to work as a template


cant process custom design

I can process a design that is 6" x 24" no problem

but I can't process a design that is 9" x 24"

it basically act like it wants to process then I see the errors show up and the page goes back to how it was.


any ideas or help be much appreciated. thank you



in the console, I get these errors

/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php:1 Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 (Internal Server Error)


  1. Object

    1. config{method"POST"transformRequestƒtransformResponseƒparamSerializerƒjsonpCallbackParam"callback", …}

    2. data""

    3. headersƒ (d)

    4. status500

    5. statusText"Internal Server Error"

    6. xhrStatus"complete"

    7. __proto__Object

Image Alignment


I did some testing using your demo and found there is a problem with image alignment in both the output files and upon re-editing of an previously ordered document.

I made a design template using the template manager by uploading a Hi Res jpg file with gray boxes to indicate where the customer should place there images on the document and saved it.
Then I opened the product on the site as a customer would and clicked the Start Design then placed images on top of the gray boxes aligning them to each other using the layout guides generated from your plug-in and hit the process button and completed the order.

On the order details page is a link that allows the customer to download the file in PNG JPG and PDF formats. I downloaded all formats and the images and were out of alignment with each other in all output files especially the PDF file which is my preferred format, with the PNG being the best. Additionally when I open the Edit Design link on the Order Detail page the same design file from the order shows the same alignment issue.

Is this an issue with the demo I’m using or is it something else?
I plan on using this plug-in on multiple domains so I need to make sure it works properly, the proper alignment of elements is very important for my products. 

Could you please let me know what can be done to prevent this?


In this blog, I have ever introduced you at least one time about online product designer but in Magento version. However, in recent years, WordPress has started to dominate and taken a significant market share. The demands for WordPress themes and plugins also increase respectively. Understanding and catching up with the trend of the market, Netbase teams has released Woocommerce Product designer plugin. As its name, this amazing product is specially designed for WordPress addicted. It comes with very innovative, very convenient features, so suitable for shop owners and customers who love drawing, designing and desire to be unique among the crowd. If you are working in T-shirt industry or digital printing, don't hesitate to apply this plugin for your site to enjoy the wonderful experience.

Let's look at how Woocommerce Product Designer plugin deals with drawing:

  1. Adding text and curved text
  • All types of text and font are available for you to choos frome.
  • In Font Category, there are a variety of fonts included, so the shopper can find it by click button MORE.
  • In terms of Font style, we have italic, bold, underline with the full type of alignment such as left, center, right or justified.
  • Font color is varied.
  • You can change Text background as you want.
  • Text pattern is available.
  • Woocommerce Product designer allows users to create text shadow according to dimension X or Y. Moreover, Shadow blur, opacity, shadow color also can be changeable.
  • Line height, font size and opacity, Outline’s color and size are changeable.
  • Text layer can be measured.
  • Text can be turned, curved or rotated/reversed.
  • Spacing is not fixed so you can change flexibly follow your site's demands
  • Default styles such as arc, straight, small to large, large to the small top, large to small bottom are changeable.
  • It will bring the new breath of fresh air to the process of color management, it is not only so convenient and easy for you to manage color but also allows customers to change the color of each part on this image.
  • Art can be rotated and changed its opacity.
  • Art can be zoomed in or zoomed out.
  • Art can be moved or deleted.
  • Multiple arts can be added.
  1. Free-hand drawing
  • Especially, in Woocommerce Product designer, we provide many brushes, so you can use them to draw, bring your own signature to your eCommerce website.
  • Drawing brushes such as pencil, circle, spray, pattern, square, texture are available for different choices.
  • Brush and brush width color can be changed.
  • Adding available geometrics such as a rectangle, circle, triangle, line, and polygon and changing color, rotate, opacity.
  • A picture can be turned, rotated or zoomed.
  • Picture’s opacity can be customized.

Issues with templates uploaded

I uploaded over 44 templates, but from the fronted when user try to select template and use or add to cart, it only displays 20 templates from 44 templates uploaded by me. What could be the cause?


How do i lock a image or text during template build so that customer cant touch it during their editing on site? 

Unable to enter premium plug in key


A couple of weeks ago I activated the free plug-in key on my website am now unable to enter the premium key. When I remove the free license key, it tells me that it has been removed successfully although the numbers are still there and it still gives me the option of removing the license key. I am unable to enter in the premium license key or change the text in any way.

I have tried deactivating and uninstalling NBDesigner, however this has not helped.




I Have Problem With This Plugin


Thanks Alot For This Good Plugin,

I gave It Rating On Wordpress.org,

I Have Two Problem With This Plugin,

1)The ruler does not appear on the design page

2) I Register A New CLIENT On Instagram And Copy CLIENT ID To Plugins Setting But I can't use the Instagram, Its only Instagram icons Is Showed In The Design Tools


Please Help Me




Hi there, I've got the pro version 2.2.1 and can not see Frontend translate with multiple languages. Can you help ?

Shopify Version?

Do you make a version of NB Designer compatible with Shopify?

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