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fonts pattern and size?

Hi, i would like to have some info not found  about the plugin i'm on may way in few week to purchase the online product designer and would like to know -Can the admin create and download pattern for fonts design for customers? (for ex;flowers or pattern increase in the fonts) for DTG print - Can the plugin support full print area (for all over print) ?   thanks for reading waiting for your answer,    Best regards,    Richard
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Can it be translated in french?
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PDF - Dots instead of text

When downloading a customer online design as a PDF the text is displayed as dots instead of the actual designed characters. This makes the plugin useless unless you trust that the customer has designed the dots instead of characters on purpose. Can you please fix this conversion issue with PDF's? A PDF file is a MUST for the print industry and I would recommend that the whole PDF was outlined to resolve this issue. Have a look at the video: https://youtu.be/0EVaG2nPeAg
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Show bleed line in a downloaded PDF

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Hi, This is the best business card designer I have ever seen: https://nbdesigner.cmsmart.net/product/business-card/?nbds-ref=b49be741533714275 I am wondering if when I purchase the designer, I get the preconfigured, editable business cards. I don't have time to create them all and so I am hoping the business cards are ready to go with the plugin. Also, are the other products ready to go? Please let me know!   Ryan
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Hey, I have a lot of problems

I write in Hebrew. When I download a pdf, the text appears as question marks.   In addition, there was a display of a text box disappeared, (sends a picture) And I can not download a picture with the background of the product - just text (which does not help me.) what can I do? It's very urgent for me!
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Hi,  Insecurity are created with different comments. Honestly, I have the feeling the last version or lastest version are not stable as they should. We are planning to buy the product but now we honestly think it is better to wait until make sure your company show capacity to provide support and deliver a stable product as it is necessary for business tasks. This is not a game, we are not beta testers. I hope you understand we need you to provide a service and it is necessary to work with...
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Is there an option so that customer's can proof their uploaded files? It would be awesome if they could see their files with BLEED (red) and SAFE ZONE (green) lines to ensure they will be produced according to requirements.
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I can't save the design and go to the payment process.  
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Customize language

How can I change the language of the designer? Is there a tutorial?
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License terms For Nbdesigner

Hi, how long I can use this product without pay second time.  I didn't find anything on description. I already bought this product. I thought it's coming with lifetime license. Please let me know the hidden details. Than you  
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Error Message

Hello. I wanted to install the test license and always get an error message that no products are available? Am I doing something wrong?
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Layered PDF export capable?

Having trouble finding this info..We require Print Ready Files1. Does this product have the option to export LAYERED PDF files at High Resolution such as 300dpi?2. What happens when images are 72 dpi? Scaling in the exported file?Not sure if this is a community post, or a support post - but if it's community, I really need to hear from you guys about Print Readiness of this plugin/product. We have been running a wedding invitation shop more than 10 years - so we are looking for professional...
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Presales Pricing Confusion

Hello. We are extremely interested in this plugin - full featured premium. But we are so confused about the cost.Is it a 1 time fee?I can't determine if the monthly or other "fee's" are for support or to continue using the plugin after 6 months? Someone please explain - please. Can anyone help? We have been madly searching and chatting around for 2 weeks trying to find the perfect editor at a reasonable price. We were just about to buy Fancy on CodeCanyon when we ran across this one. It does...
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Online design isn't reliable

I just did a test and tried to design something and made a test order.  When I downloaded the order through WooCommerce, I was shocked that the design wasn't the same. All the objects were floating around in random places. Is this plugin a finished product? The plugin seems pretty useless if the online design doesn't look like the downloaded design.  
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2019, Mar 20

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