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paint bucket tools

is there any feature like 'paint bucket tools' ? cause I only found 'manager path' and that's a little bit confusing if I have a lot of shape to fill
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Pre-Sale Q's

Can customers upload SVG's directly into the editor? -- doesn't seem possible in the demo.Are customer image/clipart items private to each customer? -- I wouldn't want customers viewing design assets that belong to others.How do you go about setting up products that aren't rectangle?
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Hi,I wanna ask you is this plugin is compatible with flatsome themes? thanks
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Custom colors with paths

I have dress which I want users to be able to color in. Is it possible to make paths on the dress and and let users choose between the custom colored parts I have made on different paths?
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Question about this software

Hi may I know this software is it can shown the printing cost with product price to customer?And the printing cost can depends printing method and printing size?.. Example: silkscreen printing, heatpress printing, embroidery printing and DTG printing..
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Background Image for Designer

Hey there,Is there online information about the setting in the designer for product size? Is the setting for product size supposed to match the actual product size?Thanks!
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Plugin won't save to cart

Hi, I love your plugin. I added the free version to set it up and see how it will work with my client's site. I had no problems setting it up and getting to the start design interface. I have a turning half circle on the artboard when it opens but I am able to add text and clipart and shapes. The whole interface works. But when I try to save the design to cart. The screen goes white with a animated shape in the middle and then just stay there. It never goes to cart. Am I missing something? I...
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Aloha,Can the designer be used for a variable product with different color backgrounds and have the customer see the various colors as they design?I attempted to use the designer on a product with a blue or green shirt option. The background image assigned to the designer is green. When the customer selects blue and attempts to design, the green background image shows and does not change to blue.Is this designer more for simple products?Mahalo,Johnny
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Invalid Argument Error

I'm using the test version of the plugin on my site, I am using License key: baf8a5ad99b188ee599512346d9dea19It's loaded and activated but I'm getting this error when I go to the Products tab:Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/normansp/public_html/wp-content/plugins/web-to-print-online-designer/views/manager-product.php on line 14I looked up that line, here it is: foreach($pro as $key => $val):Do you have any tips on how to get this working? Thanks kindly!
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Questions before purchase

Hello!We have few questions before purchase:1. Is it possible to upload PDF files?2. is it possible to receive output PDF file?Is it in vectors?Best regards,Raitis
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Test Before Purchasing

Hi,My client is in need of this plugin and need to be able to test it before purchasing it. Is there a way I can test it first? Also which theme do you recommend that will work best with this plugin?
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clipart search function

Your clipart search function is broken. The 'Name' doesn't input into the arts.json file, instead the file name you uploaded goes into the 'Name'. When you make a search, the first letter isn't being read. eg. BTC-BitcoinDiamond.svgvalid searches = itcoin, tcoin, coin, oin, in, n, iamond, amond, mond, ond, nd, dSeems to be only searching lowercase letters I guess. I have to use 1.7.0 to run my services.
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Pre Purchase Question

Hello, is this option available for this plugin ?:A. Customers upload their own T-shirt design. The proposal saves. He does not have to buy.Is it possible to place this finished product (shirt including design) as a standard product right in the eshop so that other customers can buy it?B. Is it possible to set up a user role that the designer can use?Example: An ordinary customer will only be able to buy finished products, a member of the club will be able to create their own designs.Possible?...
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Unable to test it on my website

Hello, before committing to a full purchase, i have attempt to download the Nbdesigner plugin via on my wordpress site and will like to test it out on 5 products first before i attempting to purchase the full product. However, i cannot get a License Key as i tried various email address but still did not receive any mail informing of the license key at all. Without the key it wont work - i "enable" the plugin on my Woocommerce Product Page and update it, but it the designer will not show on the...
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Pre Purchase Question

Hi, Is it possible to save a logo or graphic and go to a new product without having to create an account? For example, if a customer works on one item and uploads some custom graphics and then wants to change the type of product it applies to does the system save it or do they have to create an account first? Thanks!!
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2019, Jul 13

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