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Can submitted designs be exported CMYK and 300dpi?

Print ready files are CMYK and 300dpi. I need a plugin that can export files as print ready without having to edit in photoshop. So my question to you only requires a YES or NO answer:Can this plugin export files in CMYK and 300dpi?Thanks
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I would like to know if this plugin allows the end customers to edit their images prior final product customization through some of the following functions Multiple layers (of images and text, easy to change layer order)Filters (including grayscale, brightness, and contrast)Resize and rotate images and textFlip images horizontally or verticallyCropping (rectangle and circle cropping)Thanks
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Price by size (PreSale)

hey guys, your design tool is the ONLY tool what dies what i want... ive checked ALL of them and after weeks of searching ill find yours.But i have a pricing-problem and i hope you have a solution for it:My Customers buy BIG sizes.Example a sign with 100x100 cmWhen customer use custom design (own width and height) and type in a example like 100x250 cm,your tool should have a pricing feature like "price for square meter" in backend.with ONE percent-price i cant work, with on flat-price i cant...
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issue while enablins design option in a product

hi support team,I just installed the latest release of NB designer (1.7.0) on my wordpress instance (wp 4.9.1, woocomerce 3.2.5) but when I'm trying to enable the option Setting NB Designer - Enable Design and create my Custom Design for a product, it is not saved.my product comes back with the option Enable Design disabled.Any idea why I'm getting such behavior ?Thanks.
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Upgrade to latest version

Hi guys,How do I upgrade my current version and did you not tell me at some point that by upgrading I would lose all customization done for - or by - me, including the PDF output and translations?
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Can the user change the background color

Hi there, We can configure the background as : transparent/color/image in the back-office, how can the user change it as well ?Ideally, I'll need a color picker for the background.Thanks !
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Design upload in WooCommerce Cart

When uploading a design in PDF, and then adding it to cart, we can't click on the icon to retrieve the file.Neither it's included in the order confirmation email.Therefore, the admin can't retrieve the file to print it.How can the admin get a file linked to an order ?
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Error: Image resolution is too low

Hi,I would be really interested in purchasing your product, NB Designer, but I tried the free version and no matter which settings I put it on it said the image resolution was too low and failed to upload any test images (when in customer role). I tried this with 72 dpi images all the way up to 300 dpi images and tried settings from 72 dpi to 300 dpi yet each time it had the same message of low image resolution at 100% upload. Frustrating as it seems like a great plugin.I have Woocommerce...
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PRESALE: Text Input

Hi, I'm wondering...1. Is it possible to break the input text based on the length? For example, if the name of the invitation, is really long, can this option be set so it fits within the dimensions of the text area? Because your demo what it does is, it hides the text as it goes out of bounds. I guess in other words I need a wrap text feature :)2. Is it possible to charge extra for every text added? I've seen tools where they charge you $2 extra for every text you insert into the builder. Is...
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we can't upload a fonts Online Product Designer Plugin for WooCommerce , when we upload showing this error ( Error while upload font, please try again! )please please help us on this.awaiting your response,
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We are thinking about buying NBDesigner for our company website for various branding products to design online. We are using the FREE Trial version for prelimary testing, however, mobile version is very important for our products because most clients rely on phones for ordering.We noticed the prices are not updating on variations (Prices are correct on PC) on mobile phones for BOTH Android and iPhones, when you select another variation, the prices do no change and you get an error message if...
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Hi,This is Shankar, Working as Web Developer for Guitars Art. We are working on this project to give the facility to make a custom guitar design and order for end user. We have been trying with different plugin, already bought Fancy product designer and integrated it. But in the testing process, we figured out some issues with Exporting the desings to high resolution with 300DPI. While searching for solution, we have come across your plugin which is pretty good so far. As an end user we would...
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PDF, SVG, EPS Upload

Hi,i really like your product and believe that i can use it in one project. But i have one question: Right now i only can upload PNG, JPG or GIF within the Online Product Designer using "Add image". Is there any way to use a vector based format like PDF, SVG or EPS to be uploaded in the Designer? Are there any plans to make this possible?Thank youDieter
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sending generated PDF Design by mail once order is sent

Dear support team,I would like to send by mail the generated PDF Design to subscriber's email when the order is proceeded.Would you please tell me how I can do that ?Thanks !
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pre-purchase questions

Hello,I have pre-purchase questions:is it possible to see Photobook and calendar demo ?what is the duration of the license? best,
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2020, Mar 21

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