Online Product Designer Plugin for WooCommerce WordPress

Pre-sales Question

Hi,1- this online product designer plugin compatible with any WordPress woocommerce themes. ?can i use this plugin with other wordpress templates. ?awaiting your response,Thank youShafiq
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choos product

Hello can we choos the product from the Studiowe want to do the same think in this exemplehttps://www.spreadshirt.fr/personnaliser-soi-memewe want to shoos the category and then the productis it possible?
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features plugin

possible to create a template using a svg file with mapping ( like your demo video when the log is added and the areas of the logo colours are chosen by the user) . Like this could I as admin add a svg file to the template and then the user choose the colours for the parts of the svg that they want?
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Questions before purchasing

Hey, great plugin really! Very interested!I've got some questions here before buying:1. Is it possible to fix the size of a text box in the design? And can we disallow user to move or rotate the design boxes?For some of our products, we don't want the user to customize the templates too much. I see quite a few features can be turned on and off. But just not sure about these.2. Can we pre-fill the template with user data? For example, when user start design a business card, we pre-fill the...
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Gravity Forms

We have a WooCommerce Gravity Forms plugin that enables us to make ordering a printing product a little more detailed. It let's customers choose paper type, delivery speed, 1 side or 2 side printing, paper color, and allow a custom upload. We wanted to also add your plugin so people could fill out all the paper type, size, quantity, then choose to design their own (START) Also, we are also using the7 theme.Will your designer plugin work with these plugins? And function to enable a customer to...
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Hello,I've recently came across yoru plugin and I'm trying to build a demo for a client of mine. That being said, whenever I check the "Enable NBDesign" on the woocommerce product it display the whole interface proplerly.The issue is that it never saves the information. When I click "Update Product" it simply refreshes the page and unchecks the box like I've never checked it in the first place.Did I forget a step?Thanks.
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Big quantities

Hello!Before buying the plug-in I would like to make sure that it fulfills my customer's requirements.He wants a shop which sells very big quantities.1.) So the end-user should only be able to buy either 100, 200, 300... pieces.Is that possible?2.) Every package (100-piece-package, 200-piece-package...) should have its own price. (Discount for buying more pieces). Is that possible?3.) My customer wants the option that the enduser can find a button which says "propose design for free". So that...
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German translation

Hi. I would like to know if the plugin is provided with german translation or is there a relatively simple possibility to translate it (like with mo/po files). Thank you.
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Hi, We're interested in your web-to-print solution though we have a few questions before looking further into it. Could you please answer if: - the software offers multiple pages functionality? For example, to design a photo book;- it's possible to have predefined spots? - it's possible to add bleeds for photos?Thank you.
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Pre-Defined Cards

hido we get any pre-defined designs for visiting cards and other stuff with this plugin...awaiting your replyregardssuketu bhatt
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Different purchase options

Hello,I'm thinking about purchasing this product. Do we have to pay to purchase each update? What is the difference between the Auto Renew and the Regular purchase?Thanks,Matt
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Hallo,we need to use web2print plugin for WooCommerce with Storefront Theme along with a plugin that germanises WooCommerce (some legal and other issues specific for germany). As far as I see, you can not say if this plugin will play nice with "WooCommerce Gernanize" of with "German Market" Plugins. (or am I wrong?)So, we want to know if you can give us cahback time so that we could test your plugin fully and then return our investment if we meet any serious problems.Thank you in advance,Roman
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How do users add new pages.

i have designed basic pages for a photobook, but i would like users to be able to add more pages of a particular page. How can this be achieved.
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Plugin Related Question

hi,Plz discuss with me for plugin related question
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Hello. It seems most similar plugins do not have the necessary feature of producing a printable 300dpi file that actually shows the client on the screen if images they upload will be pixelated or not. Does this plugin have those features?Thanks
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Product rating: 5 star rating
2020, Mar 21

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