Online Product Designer Plugin for WooCommerce WordPress

When i download a design from a customer the PDF quality is terrible. The PDF is supposed to be 300DPI at the chosen document size and it gets compressed to 33DPI which is unusable.

Created fields aren't visible on product site


I've entered printing options and enabled it for my product just like the video guide shows (I also applied it to the specific product). I just can't see any of the fields I've made on the product site. These fields are Quantity, Custom Dimension, Orientation etc.

Is there a problem with the printing options on the current version?

I actually hope there is a problem because I've pretty much tried everything and it still doesn't work.

Illustrator to the Product Designer



Is it possible to upload a AI-file to the NBDesigner? And how?

- The uploaded file have to work as a template


cant process custom design

I can process a design that is 6" x 24" no problem

but I can't process a design that is 9" x 24"

it basically act like it wants to process then I see the errors show up and the page goes back to how it was.


any ideas or help be much appreciated. thank you



in the console, I get these errors

/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php:1 Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 (Internal Server Error)
  1. Object
    1. config{method"POST"transformRequestƒtransformResponseƒparamSerializerƒjsonpCallbackParam"callback", …}
    2. data""
    3. headersƒ (d)
    4. status500
    5. statusText"Internal Server Error"
    6. xhrStatus"complete"
    7. __proto__Object

Image Alignment


I did some testing using your demo and found there is a problem with image alignment in both the output files and upon re-editing of an previously ordered document.

I made a design template using the template manager by uploading a Hi Res jpg file with gray boxes to indicate where the customer should place there images on the document and saved it.
Then I opened the product on the site as a customer would and clicked the Start Design then placed images on top of the gray boxes aligning them to each other using the layout guides generated from your plug-in and hit the process button and completed the order.

On the order details page is a link that allows the customer to download the file in PNG JPG and PDF formats. I downloaded all formats and the images and were out of alignment with each other in all output files especially the PDF file which is my preferred format, with the PNG being the best. Additionally when I open the Edit Design link on the Order Detail page the same design file from the order shows the same alignment issue.

Is this an issue with the demo I’m using or is it something else?
I plan on using this plug-in on multiple domains so I need to make sure it works properly, the proper alignment of elements is very important for my products. 

Could you please let me know what can be done to prevent this?


Issues with templates uploaded

I uploaded over 44 templates, but from the fronted when user try to select template and use or add to cart, it only displays 20 templates from 44 templates uploaded by me. What could be the cause?


How do i lock a image or text during template build so that customer cant touch it during their editing on site? 

Unable to enter premium plug in key


A couple of weeks ago I activated the free plug-in key on my website am now unable to enter the premium key. When I remove the free license key, it tells me that it has been removed successfully although the numbers are still there and it still gives me the option of removing the license key. I am unable to enter in the premium license key or change the text in any way.

I have tried deactivating and uninstalling NBDesigner, however this has not helped.




I Have Problem With This Plugin


Thanks Alot For This Good Plugin,

I gave It Rating On Wordpress.org,

I Have Two Problem With This Plugin,

1)The ruler does not appear on the design page

2) I Register A New CLIENT On Instagram And Copy CLIENT ID To Plugins Setting But I can't use the Instagram, Its only Instagram icons Is Showed In The Design Tools


Please Help Me




Hi there, I've got the pro version 2.2.1 and can not see Frontend translate with multiple languages. Can you help ?

Shopify Version?

Do you make a version of NB Designer compatible with Shopify?

mug design



Let me a question, when designing the mug, isnt it possible to get a view of design around of the mug?, we get one side view, the other side view but what happen when we upload an image what extends it self from one side to the other end?

hi "Allow user define dimension" option not appear in Modern Design Layout not work please fix it

PHP 7.2 issues

Hi there,

First off al what an amazing product! 

I installed the plugin on php version 7.2 but we got this error it is an know issue with a lot of plugins. So how can we fix this issue and is the plugin ready for php 7.2? Because i want to start with your designer.


In your faqs there is also noticed the difirence between lite and premium that only max 5 products and evrything is the same. So you have the pricing matrix caculator etc.... in it? 


Please let me know because if this issue is not fixed I cannot build products!

PHP 7.2 issues: count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable

Text Field Constraint

I am using your demo product and really like it!

My only problem is that most of my products (flyer's and postcards) will include text fields with placeholder text within that my customers will need to replace with their own text usually by copying and pasting it directly into the field. The text could be a paragraph or two in length which causes the text box to expand horizontally which wont work because the field is to wide.

Is there a way to constrain the text field whereas the text field will expand vertically instead if the width is already established. I tried most of the settings in the back-end and can't get  it to work.

Additionally, I also wanted to esquire about the PDF output, is the file truly print ready assuming all images are 300 DPI.  


Product rating: 5 star rating
2019, Mar 20

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