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Need Start Design Button

Hello, I can only seem to get the upload design button with my product, not the start design button.  I really want that to be first but also have the option to upload as well but in the tool not off the bat.
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edit double page in editor

Is it possible to edit a double page in the editor? That would be pretty awesome. thx
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justification needed

Is it possible to write text with the designer in the block sentence? If not, can you add it to the nbdesigner? That would be pretty cool ... thx
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image upload recognition

  Ai or svg image file upload recognition when uploading template image file. What should I do?
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Hi, I am playing around with the free version and before buying the premium version I would like to know if I can configure the following within one product (t-shirt) Configure custom prices per side of printing (lets say 5 for one side and 8 for both) and additional pricing for  white/ colored and black shirts per side since the price for colored and black shirts is higher than white shirts
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max Pages/Templates

Hi,   is it due to the demo version that I can only create a print product with a maximum of 30 pages? Accordingly, I can only create 30 page templates. But I would need up to 96 pages ... is that possible with the nbdesigner?   I would like to buy the Pro version, but only if the designer allows to create print products with 100 pages (including templates)   THX DAN
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Missing Pixabay and Unsplash icons

Hi I'm testing NBDesigner before purchasing. It works great. I only need to figure out how to activate Pixabay and Unspash options in Photos Tab. None of them activates with default provided API keys, neither with my own. Facebook App ID works fine, but it's not the case regarding Pixabay and Unsplash. User manual indicates nothing else but typing APY Keys in backend Settings, but it doesn't work for me.  ¿Is it available only on Pro version? ¿Any suggestions?
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New Release

Hello, when will a new update come out? We need tools such as Image Filter, Image Shape, create our own text templates, anyway
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Template's filters

Hello everybody   Is it possible to create filters for template page?Ex. tags, categories, etc.   Thank you very much!
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Active Plugin redirects my webpage

Hi, When I activate the plugin and someone type in my domain name, it redirects them to wordpress login page. When I deactivate it, my website just works fine with no redirection.  What can I do to fix this issue?
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NBDesigner Individual Pricing

Hello, I wanted to know if I can set up additional individual pricing on the printing of a t-shirt, when its either front or back or both? Like if a shirt is $10 normally, when it is printing on one side it is $15 and $20 if both sides are printed. Is that possible with the plug in?
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Hi,      We're looking to incorporate your software with our current pricing structure (with gravity forms). Would it be possible for certain values like size and shape to affect the template it pulls up when designing? For example, if the customer chose a 2 x 4 card and then chose to design that, could that value trigger the program to open up a 2 x 4 canvas for them to design in. In other words, can a value in our gravity forms be linked to a certain size or template in the designer....
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need to set a price on custom stitched iron on patches as well as individual letters. The custom patches and custom clipart should have fixed size also - so the customer cannot change the size.
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UK Freelancer assistance

Hi We were wondering if you know or can connect us to any UK freelancers that know NB designer and can assist us with the set up?
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Hi,   I want NB Designer to calculate price per font letter and size. How do I do this? Do you have documentation?   Thanks,   Jake
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2019, Oct 07

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