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PHP 7.2 issues

Hi there, First off al what an amazing product!  I installed the plugin on php version 7.2 but we got this error it is an know issue with a lot of plugins. So how can we fix this issue and is the plugin ready for php 7.2? Because i want to start with your designer.   In your faqs there is also noticed the difirence between lite and premium that only max 5 products and evrything is the same. So you have the pricing matrix caculator etc.... in it?    Please let me know because if this...
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Text Field Constraint

I am using your demo product and really like it! My only problem is that most of my products (flyer's and postcards) will include text fields with placeholder text within that my customers will need to replace with their own text usually by copying and pasting it directly into the field. The text could be a paragraph or two in length which causes the text box to expand horizontally which wont work because the field is to wide. Is there a way to constrain the text field whereas the text field...
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Design on product variations

Hello,  Is it possible to design on the product variations instead of add an image on the custom design section?
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no icons in free version at WP 5.0.1

Hi! i'm going to buy a premium version of NB Designer, but first I want to check inf everything is working. No I have issue with icons either in new designer and old designer: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1i8oB71cXdl_8b2robszWvP8cKc0VUYhn/view?usp=sharing Maybe it is important that I am using the newest version of Wordpress (5.0.1)?
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google drive

Hello congratulations for your work! I'm evaluating the purchase of the plugin and I would have a question: I would need to direct the graphics produced by the site on specific folders of google drive or dropbox ... is it possible?
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hello, tried out the free plugin on WordPress and would love to purchase the premium version. Tried creating a two sided business cards with two sides. but couldn't. Hos do i do that? i need to be sure before i pay. Saw the two sided card in your site demo and it worked. Why am i unable to create same two side card on the free plugin?
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Pre-purchase questions

Hi,I am wondering if anyone can provides some answers to my questions:- Can images uploaded by customers have an option to be shared publicly in a database?- Does the theme work well with image database publishing plugins? Such as NextGen? And can the customers use search and use those images in their designs from the design interface?- Is there an option to set specific texts on the prints, e.g. copyright info, etc from images uploaded by someone else?Thank you in advance./Christopher
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can i see the curve text in a demo?

I would like to purchase this product. My main product for this program is curved text above and below a central logo. Where can I see a working demo of this text feature? Thanks Dave
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Printing Options Feature

Hi there,   I'm interested into buying the Online Product Designer Plugin for Woocommerce and was wondering if the Premium version comes with the printing options feature like in your demo ?   Kind regards,   Sebastian
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I want to purchase the plugin, but the modern theme doesn't load on my store. Only classic works. Also, i need to change the text on the [START AND UPLOAD DESIGN] button. It's confusing for my customer. Is it possible to do in the code editor somewhere?
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Variable Product Size

Can the product size Width and Height values be made variable based off a selection in a dropdown? For example, my print shop wants to have a product that is 'Envelopes', then within this one product have a dropdown to pick the size (#10, #9, etc) and then the Product Size and Design area size will change based on that selection. Is this possible with this plugin?
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Frontend translate option missing in menu

Hello, we would like to translate our frontend to german. While there was a menu option to do so in 2.0.3 that we tested with, that menu option is no longer available in version 2.1. How can we translate the frontend? Thanks in advance, Michael
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Marketplace online product designer

Is there any marketplace functionality where designers can create store and ipload designs and get commissions. Please let me know .Thank You
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Woocommerce 3.50

Is this plugin compatible with Woocommerce 3.5.0?
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test the new version

Hi, im still testing version 2.0. and would love to see if 2.1 has the price option. How can i upgrade? kind regards Alex
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2019, Oct 07

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