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I don't get any output pdf

I don't get any output pdfhow to get itand also I need to set only one free draw mode " pencil "https://imgur.com/a/QhuIG and set it as a default mode
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how to download output pdf

I don't get any output pdfhow to get itand also I need to set only one free draw mode " pencil "https://imgur.com/a/QhuIG and set it as a default mode
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colors of item

hi can you preview different colors on the shirt with the design on there?
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Export as SVG

Hi,I have two questions 1) Can you export as SVG and only allow SVG or 72 dpi for imports?2) Can you make your own templates and offer them to customers?Thanks!
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I cannot activate my product

I just purchased this plugin and I am finding it difficult to activate my purchased licensed. Please I need support now.
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I am trying out your plugin before buying and ran into an issue trying to create a template. After designing the product all I get is "NBDESIGNER PROCESSING..." screen that doesn't move past it. I am very interested in this plugin but can't get it to work.
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Hi the version i have downloaded is 1.6, is it compatible with my worldpress 4.8 , coz i want to test it before i purchaseTQBest RegardsWong
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Hey there, i want to buy this pulgin but before that i want to see admin side features.. that in what format or flow admin can have image which is designed by frontend user side.i tried to login with ID: NBDesigner / Password: welcomebut its not working. can you send me correct one ? my is skype id : oozeetechThanks,Hardik
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Hello. It seems most similar plugins do not have the necessary feature of producing a printable 300dpi file that actually shows the client on the screen if images they upload will be pixelated or not. Does this plugin have those features?Thanks
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Plugin Related Question

hi,Plz discuss with me for plugin related question
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i have designed basic pages for a photobook, but i would like users to be able to add more pages of a particular page. How can this be achieved.
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Hallo,we need to use web2print plugin for WooCommerce with Storefront Theme along with a plugin that germanises WooCommerce (some legal and other issues specific for germany). As far as I see, you can not say if this plugin will play nice with "WooCommerce Gernanize" of with "German Market" Plugins. (or am I wrong?)So, we want to know if you can give us cahback time so that we could test your plugin fully and then return our investment if we meet any serious problems.Thank you in advance,Roman
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Different purchase options

Hello,I'm thinking about purchasing this product. Do we have to pay to purchase each update? What is the difference between the Auto Renew and the Regular purchase?Thanks,Matt
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Pre-Defined Cards

hido we get any pre-defined designs for visiting cards and other stuff with this plugin...awaiting your replyregardssuketu bhatt
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Dear support team,I’m testing your plugin in lite version before buying the pro version, but I have a problem. The design window does not appear in the foreground. The menu and footer levels remain in the foreground.This is the test page I created: http://www.mrvertigovinylrecords.com/vinylpress/prodotto/vinile-7/Thanks for your help.
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Product rating: 5 star rating
2019, Jul 13

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