Online Product Designer Plugin for WooCommerce WordPress

Questions before purchase

Hello!We have few questions before purchase:1. Is it possible to upload PDF files?2. is it possible to receive output PDF file?Is it in vectors?Best regards,Raitis
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Test Before Purchasing

Hi,My client is in need of this plugin and need to be able to test it before purchasing it. Is there a way I can test it first? Also which theme do you recommend that will work best with this plugin?
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clipart search function

Your clipart search function is broken. The 'Name' doesn't input into the arts.json file, instead the file name you uploaded goes into the 'Name'. When you make a search, the first letter isn't being read. eg. BTC-BitcoinDiamond.svgvalid searches = itcoin, tcoin, coin, oin, in, n, iamond, amond, mond, ond, nd, dSeems to be only searching lowercase letters I guess. I have to use 1.7.0 to run my services.
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Pre Purchase Question

Hello, is this option available for this plugin ?:A. Customers upload their own T-shirt design. The proposal saves. He does not have to buy.Is it possible to place this finished product (shirt including design) as a standard product right in the eshop so that other customers can buy it?B. Is it possible to set up a user role that the designer can use?Example: An ordinary customer will only be able to buy finished products, a member of the club will be able to create their own designs.Possible?...
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Unable to test it on my website

Hello, before committing to a full purchase, i have attempt to download the Nbdesigner plugin via on my wordpress site and will like to test it out on 5 products first before i attempting to purchase the full product. However, i cannot get a License Key as i tried various email address but still did not receive any mail informing of the license key at all. Without the key it wont work - i "enable" the plugin on my Woocommerce Product Page and update it, but it the designer will not show on the...
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Pre Purchase Question

Hi, Is it possible to save a logo or graphic and go to a new product without having to create an account? For example, if a customer works on one item and uploads some custom graphics and then wants to change the type of product it applies to does the system save it or do they have to create an account first? Thanks!!
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Background Colour

I am selling posters, banners, stickers etc. All of my products need for the customer to be able to set the background color of the product from a color picker. I cannot set a variation for each colour. I need a colour picker as all of the products need to have customer set the background color, this must be possible ?
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Hello, I want to sell printings by internet through my wordpress/woocommerce website :User is allowed to upload a picture.Then he chooses a material (canvas, paper, aluminium, etc...)Then he chooses a size and goes to the checkout pageI receive his order, I print and deliver his pictureIs your plugin able to do that ?Best regards,Fabien
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output file size and dpi

hey guys, in your demo i have made a 100 cm x 200 cm product, 300dpibut the output file in backend is 324x649 px with 72 dpi ... whats happened?
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Any upcoming update on the way?

Hello,we have a project involving such technology that this plug-in seems to be doing exactly the way it should.Although, we are puzzled by the fact it had not had any update since quite a while.Can you confirmed this plugin is still maintained and will be adapted to current WP and Woocommerce versions?Many thanks.Yann
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Problems with free Version

Hello,the Plugin is really great, but i am having a few Problems:If i redesign a order, it is not possible to save, it shows a Messagebox with "Item not exist in cart".So may you can say me with wich wp and woocommerce Version everthing runns smooth.On another server i have a problem with the license (i think i forgot to deleta the license before setting up a new wp installation), can you please set my licence key back.Best regards.mojo
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Hello,Thanks for the good plugin that you made, excellent work.I've bought TeePro from Envato for WordPress, i want to know how i can do to set in the DesignerEditor the color of the shirts selected by the customer (Our product are variation product mainly in color variation). Thanks in advance.
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Ruler view add on

Hi. Would it be possible to add an option to view rulers on top and side? This would make designing better feel and user friendly. There are several other sites allowing the view of rulers and I think this would be a great idea to have in this designer. Please let me know your thoughts and if it is possible.
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Fix sized text field

Hi,i tested creating templates. Here i do have one question: is it possible (without custom development) to add a fix sized text field, which later behaves similar to an textarea input field in HTML forms? Right now a text field grows in width and height when a user types in text. My question is, if i can give the text field a given/fixed width and height?Thank youDieter
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Hello! Congrats about your plugin because its amazing! Im planning to buy the pro version and I wanted to know about the purchase... $161,24 it is per year or forever? thanks in advance!
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Product rating: 5 star rating
2019, Oct 07

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