Online Product Designer Plugin for WooCommerce WordPress

Does it come with the preconfigured products?

Hi, This is the best business card designer I have ever seen: https://nbdesigner.cmsmart.net/product/business-card/?nbds-ref=b49be741533714275 I am wondering if when I purchase the designer, I get the preconfigured, editable business cards. I don't have time to create them all and so I am hoping the business cards are ready to go with the plugin. Also, are the other products ready to go? Please let me know!   Ryan
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Show bleed line in a downloaded PDF

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PDF - Dots instead of text

When downloading a customer online design as a PDF the text is displayed as dots instead of the actual designed characters. This makes the plugin useless unless you trust that the customer has designed the dots instead of characters on purpose. Can you please fix this conversion issue with PDF's? A PDF file is a MUST for the print industry and I would recommend that the whole PDF was outlined to resolve this issue. Have a look at the video: https://youtu.be/0EVaG2nPeAg
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Can it be translated in french?
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fonts pattern and size?

Hi, i would like to have some info not found  about the plugin i'm on may way in few week to purchase the online product designer and would like to know -Can the admin create and download pattern for fonts design for customers? (for ex;flowers or pattern increase in the fonts) for DTG print - Can the plugin support full print area (for all over print) ?   thanks for reading waiting for your answer,    Best regards,    Richard
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Hi, I'm having an issue with rounding of prices on certain items that receive a quantity discount.   E.g.   - Product Price for the minimum QTY of 15 = $0.80 per item = $12. - When QTY is 480 I apply discount of $0.57083 per item so then it is $0.22917 per item.  Total price for 480 should be $110.0016 ($110). NB Designer shows correct price here (https://prntscr.com/ndwoor) - Once 480 is added to the cart however, the price per item is rounded up to $0.23 which results in a total...
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Font problem

I've been inquiring about Font for a month.Does this mean there is a problem with the program itself?You've said several times that you're going toBut after a month of waiting, nothing changed.Despite the question I asked, I couldn't get an answer.Now re-create and print the printed materials of the customer you ordered with this program.Despite spending a lot of time and money on this program, we don't automate it.Failed to download the print file properly.When a customer orders, we have to...
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Hi, I am using trial version but will commit to purchase once I have fixed a few things (This is a really great designer, I used Fancy Product Designer in the past, which is not so good!) I am building here - https://hitwebdev.co.uk/newbanner/product/1-metre-banner/ Currently the button states add to cart and start design, but I want to offer choice of upload your own design or use tool. I can see this is an option from the below screenshot. Can you tell me where i am going wrong...
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Booklets and brochures

When designing a template - Is it possible to copy something from one page to another? I was wondering if the online design tool is suitible for creating Booklets and brochures? Will it work to let a customer design a booklet with 20 pages?
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Unreliable when converting to PDF

When the online design is converted to PDF a lot of things go wrong.   - QR codes look weird and don't work - Some graphic elements have different colours - The text is lighter than the online design and letters with special characters like "æøð" are ruined in some fonts.   The conversion from online design to PDF should be the top priority, because if this doesn't work 100% the whole plugin is unreliable and useless.
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pre sale questions

Hi,   I really like your 'Online Product Designer Plugin for WooCommerce WordPress'. I would like to buy it. I'm a graphic designer and web designer. I've tried your demo version what is for the clients. Could I try it as a designer please? Do you have a demo version or a free lite version with backend function? Before I buy it I would like to try it as a graphic designer. I want to use your plugin with my printable products like business card, flyers, banner etc. what I forward to a...
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QR codes - Not working

The QR code feature isn't working at all. When opening the PDF it looks completely different and doesn't work. 
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Custom price calculations and more

Hi, I have a neon sign business. I have a couple of questions about your Designer plugin: 1) I'm new to WooCommerce. Am I right in saying that the product options are set within WooCommerce plugin? 2) Cost for Neon signs are calculated by total length of neon product used in the design. This makes the designer cost calculation a bit tricky. Here's a list of the variables that effect price: Font family Font size* Case type (UPPERCASE, lowercase) Number of text characters* *denotes...
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Can i get a export of pre-configured Options for T-Shirts? im thinking about buying the full version and see that you can import and export options.
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Designer Background Image

I want to use a custom image for the designer background image. I have uploaded the image and saved but when I launch the tool I still see the original image. I also updated the dimensions for the tool but that also doesn't show up. 
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2020, Mar 21

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