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test the new version

Hi, im still testing version 2.0. and would love to see if 2.1 has the price option. How can i upgrade? kind regards Alex
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Modern Design

anyone else get this error when trying to use the modern design option? I cant get the modern design to load I always get this error in console. angular.js:14800 TypeError: Cannot read property 'push' of null at b.nbdApp.controller.$scope.initSettings (app-modern.min.js:20) at b.nbdApp.controller.$scope.init (app-modern.min.js:25) at Object. (app-modern.min.js:270) at Object.invoke (angular.js:5106) at O.instance (angular.js:11076) at p (angular.js:9939) ...
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Im interested in this plugin we would like to use in the intranet.So basically we want the users after finishing their design to send it to the print room via email. Can we do that with this plugin? Thank you for your time. Kind regards Enea
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Hi there, i've a problem with the resolution's output image. I just uploaded some images and text into my designer, but when i complete the order, the resolution of the output image is too low quality. Although the DPI is setted to 300, when i download the design (in JPG,PNG,PDF) the DPI is automatically set to 72. Can someone help me to resolve this problem?
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pre-sale questions

Hi. I've come across this plugin, and its a very strong candidate for my project since its features are way beyond what i've found. However, i have a few questions I hope you could solve for me. I've just installed NBDESIGNER 2.0.3 (from wp plugin repo) in my site, but is missing the printing options settings (if i'm not mistaken is what you have used to create the T-shirt with print option demo) Second, is the demo site at http://demo5.cmsmart.net/nbdesigner/ using only the the...
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I have purchased http://preview.themeforest.net/item/tshirt-responsive-wordpress-theme/full_screen_preview/17829534?_ga=2.181190887.1304591845.1539939623-1435515159.1538487577 It says it comes with the NB designer LITE version. This is NOT anywhere on my dashboard. I have been trying to get support for 3 weeks now. I have submitted 3 tickets -2 have been ignored and one has been closed. I need to know where to find it and how to install in on the above theme and then if it works how I...
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Not able to get a license key

Hi I would like to try out the free version, before purchase. But not able to get license key. Tried several times, without success.
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Designer Customization

Can we limit the user so that user can not delete or move the layers, can only edit the contents. For example: I have 3 layers 1- Name 2. Email 3. Address I want the user to only edit these layers.
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Custom Dimension

Hi, the plugin look likes great. The function custom dimension is very important for us. When is the next update with this function in modern layout? We use a product configurator plugin. Is it possible to use the width and height dimensions that the customer put in the configurator. Is it two input fields for width and height. BR,
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Hi i like the interface of your Design Tool, im looking for a soutions to works with dynacs sizes and shapes. basically I need a customization like this demo: http://www.no-refresh.com/demo/sticker/designertool/sticker/create/ Is it possible for you to do this level of customization? i sended a e-mail with may requeriments, and waiting for a feedback! thanks
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Pre-sale question

Hi, Can we turn off the functionality to sell the design? I just want the design feature so the client can save/download their designs as a PDF or Jpeg? Thanks
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Does this plugin allows, upload of already design templates in cdr or psd to be upload to the online templates. Templates will need to be designed from scratch online in the product designer plugin
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Hi, 1. Will, it works with other Woocommerce themes? 2. If we have an app connected with Woocommerce or Wordpress, Will it works in that app too?
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Maximum Size

What is the maximum size, that can be processed? We print large formats like truck lettering, Tradeshow boths or signs. What is the limit for the Outputfile?
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Your application is good but I'm looking for 360 Degree Product Design for Mugs as well.
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Product rating: 5 star rating
2019, Jul 13

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