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Swatch issue

Color swatches are not fully showing. How do I go about saving this issue ?
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table size for t-shirt

Hi, is it possible to create a table for different size that depend on general quantity (like in attach)?  i.e. I put 100 t-shirt in total and I want to buy 30S, 20M, 10L and 40XL These are the options already set in my product http://centropromo.it/prodotto/tshirt-ok/ Thank for you help Stefania
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Image in Circle Issue

I have a project about print design. This plugin is useful for me but i didnt see an option like "Pathfinder" or "Powerclip Inside". I want to create a circle and client has to put into it.  Is there an option for that? Regards,
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Template for multiple products

Hi I am trying the free version and have plan to buy premium, but have few quires:   1. Is it possible to assign a template to multiple products. We have some products (ie 1. Classic Business Cards, 2. Foil Business Cards) and both the products share same templates. If we duplicate templates it's hard to maintain. 2. Do you support spot color. It is essential for printing businesses who support offset or letterpress printing 3. Is it possible to have different color palette sets and assign...
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Help please

I need help setting up NBdesigner is there some one i can hire?   also i want to offer my customers the digital version and well as printing options how do i do this?
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Missing Upload File Types

Hi everybody, are there any plans to support further graphic file formats like EPS, PDF and TIF within the image upload? Great would be also if the designer could handle spot colors like HKS and Pantone! Is there any chance, that this will be possible in the future? Love this plugin!  
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Layout and Safari problems

Hello, We are currently trying out the demo and so far very happy - we think this will be great.But we have come across some issues that we need help with if we are to buy the plugin:1: The page sides option never changes to a radio button on the product page, so it's confusing for customers. I have tried every option I can see in the Printing Options.2: In the screenshot, you can see the start design button is left AND below the clear selection button - we want to remove the clear selection...
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I'm trying to find out if it's possible to change the pre-made typography to the left of the panel? 
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Using image layers to creat template

Hi there  This is really an impressive tool. In order to create a template for a product, I need to do it online (or import a previous designed template as a .json file) Just wondering if I could upload an layer image to create the template? This is useful, because I do not need to create the template online for each of my products. Instead, I can upload an layer image (designed in another sofware, such as .psd file) as the template.   Looking forward to hearing from you.   Sherry
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Is it possible to restrict an online designer text field to only allow a certain number or price range to be entered into a field. A customer would like a leaflet to only allow the editor to enter a certain price range. Thanks
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Need Template

I am asking what ecommerse theme is popular before uploading the NB designer plugin. My business is printing and promotional products?
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error Download 72 dpi

I have a problem with your demo version. when making a model at 300 dpi when I will doonload the order in png or svg it only gives 72 dpi what should I do
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still expandable

Hello, people, we are stamp manufacturers and want to make the designer easy to use for our customers. Images should be automatically converted to black and white for rubber stamps (no grayscale) when the customer uploads a logo or image. The function already exists in the classic layout but not in the modern layout. A good additional function would be input fields that are only filled in by the customer and the designer shows this in the preview. A simple possibility (not via Loco) to...
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New Release Jul

When does the new update come out? There are missing tools, image filters, mask image, backgrounds, patterns, which are necessary. Thank you
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Missing fields in the plugin

Hello there, I must appreciate the work that you have done for this plugin and the fact that you have released a free version for testing purpose. But when I followed the tutorial here: https://vimeo.com/325158708   The video does not match with the plugin fields. For example, https://prnt.sc/o99cta has some fields missing. https://prnt.sc/o99d28 has the views missing. Can you please help so that the plugin can work according to the video? Thanks, Manoj 
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2019, Oct 07

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