Online Product Designer Plugin for WooCommerce WordPress

Few presales questions


We like the look of this system, but I have some questions about what we can do within it and whether it will meet our requirements.

Can we please email privately about this?


Pre-fill text fields

Im trying out the free version for functions and got a question about pre-filling text from user data.
Eg. get my name, number, website and more from my wordpress profile.

Cant find any info about this.

Mask for pictures

It is possible to use mask for pictures?
The issue is NBDesginer plugin custom design and upload not working on shop page
Check below url and try to custom design or upload image and complete the process. it'll not add product to cart and dont show any design or uploaded card desgin

please check the issue if you can

Why in modern setup we don’t have a custom dimension Same as clssic mode

Creating multiple pages?

Can this product be used for designing multiple pages on a product such as a book? As well as products like a t-shirt

Presale: difference between products

What exactly is the difference between online product designer, wp printstore and the print shop theme

I am a bit confused in what is included in each of these, and what extras come with each (large) jump in price.


Background Color

In this demo you have a background color picker. http://demo2.cmsmart.net/web2print/product/business-card-c/

How do you turn this feature on?

License Key Error


i purchase the Online Product Designer Plugin for WooCommerce WordPress , when i input the license key it show "Incorrect information, check again license key" why this happening?i already paid for it, i want a quick fix, please.

Layering Problem

Can I lock layer for always on top ? For example I insert Clipart then I want to coloring it with pencil, for now whenever I fill color the clipart with pencil, the clipart is on the back of color and I can't see the line of my Clipart, So I should move clipart layer to the Top of Layer Menu.
Do you understand what I mean ?

FREE Key Error

I am trying to test out the NBDesigner but when I try to get a FREE Key I never receive a email.

What is Included with the Plugin?


I am building a website for a print shop and am considering using your plugin. I have a few questions before I purchase.

What does the plugin come with?
Does it come with or is there a place to find base products like cases for iPhone 4, 5, 6, 6plus, etc?
What about T-Shirts are there templates for blank T-shirts?
Does it come with clipart is there a place where we can get the clipart?
Does it come with fonts?

Thank you for taking the time to read my message.
I hope to do business with you soon! Thank you!

Start design Button Color

I need to change the button color
Hello We like to purchase this plugin but found 2 issues, Can you clarify me on those please check the points listed below.

1. When we create or customize a product we found a PDF generated in admin and can be downloaded.But when we open that PDF. We found 2 images for one side and 2 images one side.For example : one side we have business card logo and text. PDF is showing that into 2 images 1 image with logo and 1 image with Text.

2. We created a template for front and back side of business card.But frontend we can see only 1 side only if we make that template primary.We can can not give customer template for the back side of product.

Hope you understand my queries
Your product looks almost perfect for what I need!

But before I purchase it I have a question. We are trying to create a print shop for a specific companys leisure centre division. where a customer will choose from a range of print products that they just need to edit their contact details for example and a few other text details. So we would want to be able to include on the product template a text box with placeholder text that they can just edit it.

We want to add this text box to the product template in the back end and the customer be able to just edit the text in the front end. We would also like to be able to fix the position of the text box.

I understand I can modify the fonts available, set the output resolution of the final product and specify pdf as the output file, is this right?

Is there a mopnthly fee, or just a one off cost for the product, will it include any furture updates to keep it inline with future Wordpress delvelopemts?

I look forward to hearing from you.

And by the way, your product is by far the best plugin I have come across for online designing of this type, very considered.

Product rating: 5 star rating
2018, Dec 09

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