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Buyers are more and more demanding for their options. The more they want to be provided with opportunities and decisions in buying products for themselves. Especially in online shopping decisions, they not only want to choose many products but also want to have many opportunities to either pay for each product, a few products, or for all of them. So, your website needs to config a few essential features. In this article, I will tell you about How To Checkout All Item And Checkout Selected Item In Cart With Magento 2 Multi vendor Extension. Are you ready? Let's start!

But first, you need to know about some of the salient benefits of the Magento 2 Multi vendor Extension for administrator

  • Ability to approve, disapprove and delete seller in the admin panel
  • Admin can manage the Seller profile page setting
  • Allow the seller to select for enabling the social media fields on Seller's Profile page
  • Admin will allow product types that sellers/vendors can add
  • Admin can choose to the auto-approve product or not
  • Admin can delete, change status(approve/disapprove) and edit seller products
  • Admin can allow the seller to add related products, up-sell products and cross-sell
  • Products from seller's panel
  • Admin can configure for the chart in the seller dashboard
  • Different seller commission for each seller
  • Set seller commission by fixed and percentage type
  • Admin can choose to auto-approve orders or not

With Magento 2 Multivendor extension, your customer can check out all items in cart or checkout selected items in cart. It's convenient for them.

Watch the video below for a quick overview of how it works With Magento 2 Multi vendor Extension:

How to checkout all item and checkout selected item in cart with Magento 2 Multivendor extension from Cmsmart Netbase on Vimeo.

Above is a tutorial video "How to checkout all item and checkout selected item in cart with Magento 2 Multivendor extension?" We hope you find a guide helpful. Do you have any questions about this product and these features? Please leave comments below! If you want to have more experience with our products, please access the link: Marketplace Multi-Vendor Module for Magento 2. If you have any problem with Magento Multi-vendor extension, please contact the CMSmart support team. They will answer any questions for you.

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