To be able to achieve success, finding yourself a reliable partner is really essential. Even more important when you need to build an e-commerce website. To make sure your website works the way you imagine it to, you need an experienced developer who understands what you want, has the ability to build your website, and has the reputation to ensure that your website is up to scratch and can make sure your project meets the deadline.

But on the market there are many businesses providing eCommerce website design services, how can you find a suitable website design company for you? Follow our guide to understand how to choose the right agency. In addition, we also provide a list of 10 best design agencies websites for your reference.

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Guideline to choose an affordable ecommerce website design company

Make your requirements clear


Before you begin to evaluate and select agencies, perhaps the first thing you need to do is clarify your requirements. Only when you know what you need, you can assess whether other agencies can meet your requirements or not. In addition, the requirements can also be the basis to help you evaluate the effectiveness of the project later. In addition, the request form is also a communication tool between you and the agency, helping the agency understand what they want and can propose a reasonable solution.

In your request, please clarify the following issues:

  • Website Features and Functionality

  • Key Pages or Sitemap

  • Content Requirements

  • Calls to Action

  • Website Likes and Dislikes

  • Traffic Generation

  • Domain Name and Hosting

  • Ongoing Maintenance

  • Analytics and Management

  • SEO and Digital Marketing Requirements

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Create a budget for hiring a web design company


Your design budget significantly influences your agency selection decision. Usually, agencies that provide website design services at a high cost are often of equal quality. They charge high prices because the activities are carried out by industry experts and they can guarantee the quality of the website.

The website design company will calculate the cost by the hour, they will also estimate the number of hours it takes to design the website according to your requirements. Based on that, they will have the overall cost of completing the project. 

You can estimate your budget based on the ability of the business to pay. If you wish to save money, you should decide on a starting capital amount and keep the important qualities.

Determine the design team's location


Why is the position of the team important? There are two related issues that you will be concerned with the first is the cost and the second is the ability to communicate. The location of the team determines the cost that you will have to pay, usually, in different areas, there will be different costs and quality of service. Designers from developing countries often provide services at lower cost, such as Southeast Asia, India is also a country known for providing services at a lower cost. Cheap but high quality.

In addition, the ability to communicate is also a big problem, language and time zone differences make communication difficult. The time zone difference will disrupt the exchange and may prolong the project implementation time. Therefore, in order for your project to be completed successfully, you need to evaluate and consider where the position of the team is most appropriate.

Search information about website design agency on Google 


The important step on how to choose a website design company is to create a list of potential companies. You can start looking online for agencies that can be your partner. When you do a google search, the first list of people that pops up can catch your attention. Their good SEO performance can also be something you believe in. In addition to these results, you can see reviews and ratings of design companies from reputable websites, this list is also worth your reference and add to your shortlist.

While it may seem like a lot of businesses you can find, criteria like budget and location help you to eliminate quite a selection of agencies that are not within your budget. This is the first filter to help you eliminate a large number of agencies that do not meet the criteria.


Examine their portfolio 


After you have a decent list of companies, all you need to do is evaluate them through the information that you can approach. You will have an overview about them to make the right decision in choosing a web design company.

A list of completed projects is something that can help you better understand how your partner works, and your ability to execute projects. A business with a portfolio of completed projects will have more credibility than one that is looking for its first customers.

The portfolio will tell you about their ability and experience in designing projects, the design style they pursue, and how they handle problems is also something that you need to pay attention to. Plus, you can also get to know the experienced sectors and businesses.

An ideal business is one whose experience or projects they have done are relevant to your business. Instead of going through all the items in the portfolio (which can be very time-consuming), you can ask about the project that the company has done related to your field, so you can Save more time in researching the capabilities of website design businesses.

Read Reviews And Testimonials


A reliable source of information that you can refer to to understand the working style of the business is to see customer reviews. These reviews are all based on their actual experience when working at the business, it is objective and reflects the truth about the business. You can trust this source of information. You can refer to customer reviews from reputable and specialized sites such as Clutch, Trustpilot.

However, you also need to be aware of fake reviews about these companies, Many companies want to build trust so they write fake reviews and can confuse you.

Learn company culture  


Company culture will determine the success of the cooperation between the two companies. Learning about the partner's working culture will help you better understand the project implementation process, how the management and implementation activities take place, how the project quality assurance works. 

The similarity in working culture can help the two businesses find a common voice and understand their partners better so that the project can be implemented more smoothly.

Choose from larger firms with a solid corporate culture and a bigger team dedicated to your website or a smaller-scale boutique agency that offers a more personal feel. Either way, you want a company with a diverse group that can deliver world-class experience and expertise in an array of industries and areas, and can elevate the website they produce.

Contact to web design agencies 


It's time to talk to the final agency about your project, once again you can judge whether or not to choose this provider based on the information they provide including the cost of project, implementation time, commitment, warranty, ...

Besides, many companies look good through the information they build on their websites, but the reality is different. Contacting them is a direct way for you to get to know them better and let them know what you want. A good company will take the time to learn about your business and have a proposal for the project before officially partnering. These are the businesses you need to find.

Questions to ask

When communicating with a website design company, here are a few questions you can ask:

  • How does your design process work?

  • What design platforms do you use? (WordPress, Shopify, etc.)

  • What is your pricing model?

  • Does your company offer revisions? How many?

  • How do you assign project management? (direct creative collaborations or assigned project managers, etc.)

  • What is your availability to work on my website?

  • Do they offer SEO or value-added content?

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Bottom line

There are a lot of things that you have to consider when choosing a website design company. Although it will take you a lot of time to find and evaluate a website design company, in return you will be able to connect with a satisfactory partner and can ensure your project can be completed excellently.

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