E-commerce is no longer a strange concept. Under the covid pandemic, e-commerce develops rapidly, becoming a new form of business. To be able to integrate as well as catch up with the development of the market, many businesses have started building an e-commerce website. A good e-commerce website not only stimulates customers to take conversion actions, but it can also keep customers coming back for the next time.

Finding a suitable design to create a great e-commerce website is a difficult task. It requires designers to focus on many factors to be able to provide a comprehensive customer experience, including UI, UX, and visual design.

This article today aims to provide the necessary information for you to find the right e-commerce web design service for you, including the concept of e-commerce website design, its importance of its, and the elements that make your design stand out.

What is Ecommerce Website Design?


E-commerce website design is the process of designing a website that is able to sell online with features such as a shopping cart, payment integration, shipping, and product pages,...

Ecommerce design website requires expertise, creativity, and ingenuity. To design a proper e-commerce website, you need to plan, map, and organize your content and products for display on the Internet. Essentially, your online store design should represent what your brand stands for. This ensures that it depicts the right image for your visitors and keeps them coming back.

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Why is ecommerce web design important?


Determine the first impression

According to Sweor, 75% of users admit that they first evaluate a business through the look and feel of the website. When a user visits a website, the first thing they see and are impressed with is the look and feel of the website. A website with an eye-catching, modern, and professional-looking website design will help businesses make a good first impression on users. If your website is designed in an attractive way, it can attract users to explore your website more and help you retain them to increase the conversion rate.

Deep understanding your customers 

Owning a website allows you to collect customer information, not only demographic information, information related to behavioral intentions can be collected when they visit your website. friend. You can use tools that automatically collect information such as customer journeys, and information related to the actions that users take,... This information is all the foundation for you can perform a number of automated marketing activities such as recommending related products, sending delivery reminder emails, etc.

Increase conversion rate 

Good ecommerce website design can help you increase conversion rates through well-organized and convincing calls to action and optimized checkout processes. Besides the great first impression, the information on the product page is fully provided, and the attractive product images all influence the customer's purchasing decision.

Reach more customers

An e-commerce website is a tool that can help you reach customers in different regions without limits. Unlike brick-and-mortar stores, online stores are accessible to foreign users, open indefinitely, and regardless of natural disasters or weather.

Plus, if you make a good first impression and provide a different experience for your users, you'll get a ton of visitors through word of mouth.

Help you stand out from your competitors

No longer just a place to sell, users are gradually attaching more importance to the buying experience. What can help you delight your customers and stand out from your competition is a great website. Designing an ecommerce website will allow you to provide a personalized experience for your customers, increase conversion rates, and increase sales.

What does ecommerce web design involve?


Ecommerce web design can include:

  • Creating your e-commerce website's color scheme and theme

  • Selecting the text size and style for your online store

  • Designing the pages of your e-commerce website

  • Adding branded images and logos to your online store

Ecommerce web design, in its broadest sense, pertains to the actual exterior of your website. You can improve online traffic, conversions, and sales for your company with an effective ecommerce website design.

What Makes An Ecommerce Website Outstanding?


Good visual appeal

Customers buying online cannot be touched, the only thing that helps them clearly visualize the product is the images and videos posted. To be able to build good product images from customers, your website needs to clearly display compelling images, and honest videos about your products.

An attractive display can stimulate customers to buy faster, they feel this is a great product along with the credibility of the website.

User-friendly site navigation

You can see the difference between a site with friendly navigation and a site with bad navigation in bounce rate. When customers can't go to the page they want, and can't find the information they need, leaving the website will be natural.

A well-designed e-commerce website will allow customers to find the information they want easily and can get to the page they want as quickly as possible. In addition, navigation can also let them know where they are, avoiding being lost on your website.


No one dares to pay for an order at an unsafe website. The risk of payment data theft is very high, this is also the reason why many customers are prevented from going to the payment step. Therefore, in order to reduce the checkout abandonment rate as well as ensure a comprehensive customer experience, your website must be designed with components that can ensure reliability such as displaying payment policies, information privacy policies, and SSL icon,...

Mobile responsive

Making it easy for users to make purchases and make payments on their mobile devices is one way you can improve the shopping experience for your customers. There is no denying that the percentage of customers accessing websites and shopping on mobile devices is increasing. A large number of customers will leave you if they cannot access your website on mobile devices. 

SEO friendly

A good website is a tool that can assist you in SEO campaigns. The search results page is where you can reach many users at a low cost. An SEO-friendly e-commerce website is like a sharp weapon. It will help increase your competitive power on the search results page.

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E-commerce website design is really a useful and necessary service for business owners. Satisfying customers, increasing revenue, and standing ahead of the competition is what you deserve when using e-commerce website design services.

Our e-commerce website design services are provided by experts in the field with over 10 years of experience. We understand what you want and can turn your ideas into reality. What you get is not only the website that works as you imagined but also an increase in business performance. Contact us to receive advice from experts.


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