After a period of operation, your website may be old and outdated, sometimes not working well. So you need to regularly check the health of your website and maybe take some action to improve your website. Otherwise, your customers will leave and move on to the competitor's website.

Many people will ask the question of how to improve the website. In fact, website problems sometimes just need a little change to be able to solve. Therefore, this blog article will give you some simple tips you can do yourself to improve your website and to enhance such experience which helps you boost sales.

Make your navigation easy to use

The first tip you can follow to improve your website is to simplify website navigation. Simple yet effective site navigation is likely to save your web users sometime when shopping online. If your users can find what they want in the shortest time possible, they are more likely to buy something and possibly return to your site when they want something else.

Think like a customer to see what they want when entering a new commerce site; identify an item and try to find it without previous knowledge of your site. Any improvement to your site navigation will have a dramatic effect on the user experience and your business objectives.

The Essential Guide to Website Navigation will give you more useful information about website navigation.

Increase website load speed

One of the most reasons that lead to a higher bounce rate is slow page load speed. Customers are more and more impatient, if your website needs more than 3 seconds to load, you fail. So, You need to increase website load speed to improve your website performance. But how to do it? 

You can use PageSpeed Insights tool to examine your page load speed. It also diagnoses your problems and proposes solutions to resolve them. 

Some things you can do to improve the website speed.

  • Optimizing Images

  • Reducing Plugins

  • Cleaning Up Framework & Themes

  • Use a CDN (Content Delivery Network)

  • Optimize the Homepage

  • Consider the Best Hosting Platform

  • Use Redirects as Little as Possible

Leverage Social Proof

Do you know how many people were influenced by previous buyer reviews? Users will feel that the reviews of previous buyers are more objective and honest. They will be more attracted to products with a high rating and descriptions of authentic experiences with the product. In addition, products with reviews from previous buyers have a 58% higher rate of choosing to buy than other products.

You can take advantage of customer reviews from social networks, and integrate and display it on your website. It will be more authentic if you show both the reviewer's name and related information.

In addition, you can create some videos about case studies of customers, in this, what customers say about you. And, remember to display the thumbnails of customers talking, it is more attractive than a casual image.

A comprehensive list of must have features for a ecommerce website

Website redesign: all things you need to know before starting

Optimize Product Copy and Product Images

Customers buying goods online can neither touch nor see directly, so they will always have doubts and worries about the product in real life. Therefore, providing complete product information to customers is the fastest way for you to gain their trust. In addition, a product page that provides complete information and looks trustworthy will also help improve the website's reputation.

Pictures sometimes can't fully describe the product's features, so you can use video, zoom capability, and even 360-degree rotations. And you can also use product descriptions to provide product characteristic details. Try to invest more in the product description, show the advantages of the product, and maybe, add some feedback to build trust.

Blog and Content 

Outside of the sales pages and the main page, try adding some interesting content to your sites, like blogs and articles. The writing can be about anything related to your products, tips and reviews as well. Showcase your standout products in easy-to-read product guides, give an easy explanation of the products you sell to better answer your customer’s questions.

As with any action you’re taking toward potential consumers, the idea is to add value. This can often take the shape of informative content that leaves them with a better idea of how to best use your products or services and be one of your best used tips to improve your website ever.

Make your website responsive

Do you want to return the website that can’t access on mobile device? I want you to remember that 40% of your customers will choose your competitor's website if they have difficulty accessing your website. You probably already know what the consequences are. Not only reduce traffic and increase bounce rate but your revenue is also affected.

For those of you without an optimized mobile site, it might be the explanation for a decline in sales. I’d make that a top priority on your to-do list. Something else you can consider is building a mobile app. Improving the customer experience will get you more sales and increase your revenue.

Or to get specific guidelines on how to improve your website’s usability you can refer How to Make a Website Responsive.

Display security icons

Nobody will want to purchase on your eCommerce website if it appears sketchy or otherwise untrustworthy.

One of the first things you need to do is make sure your website is secure. In the last five years, 46% of Americans have been victims of credit card fraud. The security of their information is a priority for online shoppers.

The best way to alleviate these concerns is to display the safety badge provided by your online merchant and make it visible throughout the checkout process. Make sure you’re not lying or misleading your customers.

Don’t just go slapping these badges everywhere on your website unless you actually have a business with these companies. Otherwise, you may end up in some legal trouble also.

Update website design 

Website design is a factor that helps you build a first impression with the customers. In addition, website design also helps you get the trust of customers. According to research conducted by Kinesisinc, 75% of consumers admit to making judgments on a company’s credibility based on the company’s website design.

Every year, new design trends are often created. If you don’t change it twice or thirst a year, your website will look out date and it can’t play its strength. To make your website look up to date as well as improve your website's visuality, you can consider using a redesign website services or using a template if your budget is limited.

update website design

Use attractive calls to action


Call-to-action buttons can help you increase conversion rates, and encourage customers to take action. They can help you excite customers to do sỏm things you want such as leaving information, contacting support staff, adding goods to the cart, and buying goods, ...

Therefore, make your call to action buttons as prominent and attractive as possible, you can use striking colors like red, green, and orange, ... Besides, the call to action with powerful text is also very important. Color will be what attracts customers to your message, but what motivates customers to action is the text message itself.

Some examples of calls to action you can refer to

  • Click here for more information.
  • Download our sample xxxx.
  • Sign up for a webinar.
  • Watch the video.
  • See all marketing services.
  • See pricing.

Use white space 


Maybe you are feeling like wasting space on your website because of white space and want to narrow it down or utilize it. Stop, Nothing is useless, spaces have their own effect. White space will help users focus on the content, in addition, it also helps to divide the content sections and make your page more visible. As an added benefit, white space is also a factor that makes the design of the website more professional.

However, you should still use spaces more appropriately. For example, at the top of the page if it has too much white space, you will lose space to display information. And pages that provide information if it is too little will be confusing, too many words lead to users not wanting to read.


Above are 10 tips we have picked up for you to improve your website and enhance user experience. We hope it’d be helpful to you somehow.

If you have any trouble in building, navigating, or customizing your website, feel free to reach out to us. We offer modification and development website services on demand. Many discount deals are happening so don’t miss out! Any questions should be sent to our support team or to my contact for the best assistance. 

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