Virtuemart Multiple Image Upload

Do you have a lot of photos/images of your product and you want a super-fast tool that lets you upload other images related to your main image with just one click? Therefore, Virtuemart Multiple Image Upload plugin is your right choice.

Virtuemart Multiple Image Upload allows you to upload multiple images at an extremely fast speed to optimize the process of uploading your images. Additionally, you can easily edit or delete images during upload if desired. With this plugin, you can save most of your time. Therefore, you can create more other product listings in Virtuemart.

Steps to configure Virtuemart Multiple Image Upload Plugin:

Step 1: In Admin select menu VirtueMart > Products

Step 2: Upload multiple images:

  • Select one Product Name
  • In tab Product Images, click to upload multiple images
  • Select images that want uploading, click Open

Step 3: Save upload

Step 4: Select one image for view, then modify properties. Click Save button

Watch the video below for a quick overview of How to configure Virtuemart Multiple Image Upload Plugin:

How to configure Virtuemart Multiple Image Upload Plugin?

Some highlight feature of Virtuemart Multiple Image Upload:

  • Multiple images upload: Virtuemart Multiple Image Upload plugin will save your time and allow you to work more efficiently when you create your product listings in Virtuemart. Just choose multiple images at the same time, and upload all of them automatically.
  • Automatically create thumbnails: Automatically create images thumbnails for uploaded photos.
  • Easily edit/remove images: All uploaded images will be displayed under the Tab "Product Images", customers do not need to come back to the product listing page. This is a way of saving time and very convenient.
  • Cross-Browser Support: This extension themes work great with all modern browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, and Internet Explorer 9+.

Virtuemart Multiple Image Upload Plugin allows you to upload multiple images in one go. Using this plugin is a great way to increase productivity and save your time. If you want to consult more of Virtuemart products, we have a few suggestions for you: check here.

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