What is JQuery Image

You have more than one photo/image of your content, your posts, and your products. Do you want to have a super-fast tool that allows you to upload other images related to your site just in one click? This is the desire of many website owners in the world, especially with the newbie. So what is the solution for them? In this article, I with tell you about the jQuery image and Why do we need it in Image Upload tool. Here we go!

JQuery Image?

First, you need to know about JQuery. This is a wonderful JavaScript library. With versatility and extensibility, you can simplify HTML DOM tree traversal and manipulation. Besides, you too do event handling, CSS animation, and Ajax Feature in an easy way.

So, what is JQuery image?

This is the image on the website. Web owners show this image by code from JQuery Library. With code from JQuery Library, you can easily manage and create effects for images. Why is it important? because it is indispensable in the visual effects on the website. An attractive website is a website that can have many beautiful pictures with eye-catching effects that will attract viewers. JQuery Library helps create that and more.

Why do we need it in Image Upload plugins?

As you know, in order for a website to be attractive to readers, to reach that website more people, one of the important things is to add images to the website. In the past, websites were full of words and symbols, sometimes very difficult to understand. It makes readers boring and unattractive. So, there are very few people who take the trouble to read all the contents of the whole text, from 700 to over 1,000 words long. This is why we need the image upload plugin. With lots of pictures, we can express content that we can hardly express in words.

To be able to manage, adjust and add effects to those images on the website, we need JQuery Library in Image Upload tool.

What feature does a photo upload image tool include?

Chose and upload multiple images

Automatically create images thumbnails

All uploaded images will be displayed under menu Product Images.

With the above features, uploading your desired images on the website becomes easier than ever.

So, in this article, I introduced you to is jQuery image? Why do we need it in Image Upload plugin. I hope this article has provided a lot of useful information for you. If you have any question please contact Mr.Vincent with the address below.

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