Have this situation ever happened to you? Customers visiting your travel agency website, searching for flights and booking hotels, but then randomly leaving without completing the process? book room. Then it's time to seriously reconsider your website's optimization to both increase traffic to your website and increase conversion rates.

Did you know that the average conversion rate of travel websites is 4%, much lower than the conversion rate of finance and media companies (approximately 10%). Because e-commerce travel is always one of the most difficult online businesses. Therefore, you need to improve this number. But How To Increase Traffic For Travel Agency Website? Here are the most useful tips that will help you increase traffic for your travel website in general and travel agency websites in particular, increase online bookings and turn visitors into real customers for your company. If you want to be the best travel agent website and drive more traffic, let’s explore on this post below.

1. Make your “Site Search” smart and simple

Help visitor choose

Having said that, in most cases, when a customer searches on google, the search results page will be filled with hotels or flights, something most visitors have not used or discovered before. And it will be quite difficult to choose. This is the time to help your client choose the best deal.

Take MakeMyTrip, a company that also offers vacation packages in addition to its flight and hotel booking business in India.

When confused customers do not know which option will work best for them when the search results page pops up, with MakeMyTrip, a list of packages suitable for customers' budget, full of beautiful images, plans in rhe appearance of the date and schedule will help clients reduce difficulties in making decisions

Not only does it save time and effort, but it also helps them to trust and form long-term relationships with your brand.

An example of a vacation package.


Show prices clearly and prominently. Price is one of the most important and leading criteria influencing on purchasing decisions of customers.


One of the best way to increase traffic and bookings for your travel agency website is using discount. When you plan a discount for a service / room rate / flight booking price / etc, mentioning it as a percentage will be useless for some visitors. The best option is always to show the discounted price below the original price, they can see how much money they can save if they book the travel package or room.

Ratings and reviews

Today, most people trust online reviews and friends' recommendations rather than advertising. Therefore, adding them will greatly improve your chances of increasing the conversion rate on your website.

Urgency and scarcity

One of the ways to get customers to act immediately when they are visiting your travel agency website is to create urgency and scarcity. The urgency is when you ask potential customers to act quickly to receive a promotion. Scarcity is that you will put in very small quantities, to create the feeling of not wanting to miss a bargain. Many giants in the travel industry are now effectively applying this strategy to increase their conversion rates, eg Booking, MakeMyTrip.

Offering deals for a limited time only will motivate people to buy it before the deal ends. In addition, you can display the number of people viewing for that travel package to create urgency for visitors. That technique not only increases the popularity of the list, but also prompts visitors to act quickly.

Let’s see how Agoda does it:

There are countless ways to create urgency, but make sure it is reasonable because if you can't guarantee it will deliver exactly what you advertise, it will destroy your reputation. Some examples of uses of scarcity:

“Last few tickets left with discount”, “Book now for free room upgrade”, “Book within the next hour to receive free wine on arrival” “Free breakfast if booked in the next 30 minutes”.

2. Using booking plugin to make smooth booking process

When customers visiting your travel agency web site, but they don’t complete the booking process and leave. Have it ever happened to you? Complicated booking experience only keeps customers leaving you. However, it is difficult to cut down on the amount of information required in the booking process. So, to avoid customers abandoning you and increase bookings for travel agency website, you should use the WordPress Tour Operator plugin. If you are owing a travel WordPress theme, then integrates it with Tour Operator plugin – a powerful operating tool for travel agencies and tour companies. It gives you complete control of the information such as destination, itineraries, prices, facilities, etc.

Also, this plugin is integrated with online booking system, combined with online payment, will help you bring the best customer experience. In addition, with one page check out feature, your customers will only need to fill in the most necessary information in just one page to complete the booking process. It's convenient, isn't it?

You can try out the DEMO here or you can see the overview of How to use WordPress Tour Operator Pro plugin:

3. Make your travel agency website mobile

Today's users are spending more when they're on the go instead of making purchases on a PC.

According a survey was conducted by Travelport, among 16,000 surveyed, 61% of travelers in the US have booked and paid for the tour via their smartphones in the past year, and 64% are using their smartphones on their way to an destination.

According to Criteo’s Summer Travel Report, it shows that the hotel receives over 70% of last-minute bookings via mobile devices.

Invest in responsive design for a travel agency website, ensuring that it retains the functionality and other features of your website, while also providing a good desktop experience.

4. Personalization

Customers will always be impressed, if you remember any of their information or preferences. Regardless of the fact that if the visitor is your first timer or repeat user, everyone expects you to personalize their experience. You have to make them feel valued, or else they'll leave.

Today, personalization is a need of the times. If you don't remember, you will lose your potential customers. So how? When new customers join, you send them a welcome email. Make them feel at home. But keep it warm and actionable. Customers always want to use free Wifi. You can show hotels that offer free wifi or use free breakfast. Such personalized recommendations will help them choose according to their preferences and they will feel different. Collect guest booking history and offer relevant deals the next time they visit the site.


Increasing the number of people visiting your travel agency website has now become a lot easier. If you know any other way, feel free to leave a comment below. I hope that this article of How To Increase Traffic For Travel Agency Website has brought to you much essential information

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